About Mo

I have been a Christian for half of my life and have never regretted my decision to come to Christ. I don’t miss the alcohol or the drugs or the promiscuity. I have never felt more cherished and free than when I accepted Christ.

I am riddled with mistakes and faults, but I am loved by a Savior who convicts and not condemns. I serve a God who was overjoyed to break off every chain that held me.

After becoming a Christian, I met my college sweetheart (now husband) at a time that allowed us to walk our new faith together. We’ve learned through trial and error how to love and care for each other and we’ve learned how hard but rewarding it is to stand by our marriage vows. Our marriage is not without problems, butwe are learning to lean on each other and be true partners, still. Marriage is a continual process.

We wanted kids, but we could have never expected or truly understood the amazing privilege it is to raise our three beautiful children. They teach us so much about who we are and what it really means to love and live biblically. They are so good at disarming us with affection and conviction.

Most of my time is spent at church (in and out of ministry) or with our kids;  those things lift my soul. Church family is so important and ours is one of the best. It’s not about the building or how popular we are. Our church family is so great at reaching out to the lost, shepherding the sheep, caring for the babies and discipling the new and old Christians.

Everything I have to say, everything that God has put on my heart to speak is seen through the lense of an exhausted and still learning wife, mother, disciple. I love Jesus and I love people, but sometimes I’m not very good at displaying that. Life can be hard, and sometimes my eyes slip and I start looking more toward the world than toward God. But I am and will always remain a work in progress!

I am overjoyed to be able to encourage you and journey with you as we figure this life thing out! Reach out and let me know your story or how I can be praying for you!


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