There Goes All That Summer Progress

In our house, the Olympics have virtually taken over our lives. I’m the sports fanatic in the family, but even my husband has been watching them. I’m choosing to believe it’s the magic of the games and not because I won’t let anyone change the channel(s).

Even our girls are getting into it. They studiously watch all the events and in the middle decide to try it out for themselves. Watching them do diving on our living room floor may be my new favorite thing. While watching a Walsh-Jennings/Ross beach volleyball match, my 2 YO yelled, “No, swimming. I want the swimming, peas!”

Game face.

What I didn’t expect was the impact it would have on us. Who knew anything negative could come out of something as beautiful as the Olympics?

  1. Limited TV.
    “Mom, can we watch something I want to watch now?” can be heard at least 500 times a day. The answer will be no until August 21, kiddos. DirecTV came just in time for the Olympics so even when there’s no event on, you can watch all the events that were recorded. They have to be constantly reminded this happens only once every 4 years. I haven’t broken the news about Winter Olympics to them yet. There are significantly more fights to break up over who had what toy first.
  2. Film quotas go up.
    “Okay, Mom, I’m ready. Are you ready to film me?” Another question asked several times a day. It doesn’t matter what event it is, they need to try it and it needs to be filmed. This greatly affects  Olympic watching time. I mean, what other time will we be excited to watch things like Water Polo? We only own so many SD cards and they are in great danger of filling them all up.
  3. Food interference.
    Don’t start the Whole30 the week before the games start; ever. Before Whole30, if you got hungry during a game or event you could eat whatever snack food was in the pantry. You can’t do that once you’re on that regimen. Those Doritos and Oatmeal Cream Pies are mocking me from their shelf. Who has time to make a healthy whole food meal or snack? The Olympics are on! I’m still getting used to the fancy pause button on the remote.

    All I need to get through nap time.
  4. Early wake up.
    My oldest has found a way around the first complaint. She wakes up before the sun appears and turns on the Roku. I assume it’s never earlier than 6, but I’m not getting up that early, so who knows. It’s like her sister can sense she’s no longer in the room; she wakes up early every morning, yelling until someone responds.
  5. Heightened Competition.
    “I’ll race you! I win!” “No, I win!” “No, I win!” “NOO!  I said ‘I win!'” Every. Single. Day. All day. At least they do it when they’re told to go do something. It also magically hinders their ability to do whatever they were racing off to do, and rapidly increases Mommy’s irritation gauge.
  6. Extended bedtime.
    I can’t seem to  keep track of the time or dinner or what day it is. Most days, nap is taken too late (oh, they’re usually in on time, but they don’t sleep until the last half hour), dinner is made too late, the games go late (later with the amount of times they have to be stopped and rewound), so everyone is in bed late. Night time is when you catch up with all the recorded events; 1 AM is usually adult bedtime.
  7. Dress time is all screwed up.
    I’ve found if I don’t get dressed as soon as I wake up, I’m in my pajamas until the next day. The girls usually don’t bother to get dressed at all. If I could get away with it, I’d probably do the same.

So thank you, Olympics, for making me simultaneously love you and hold a grudge against you. There goes any semblance of control I thought I had obtained over the summer.

Somehow, I think we’ll make it through the 21st. Go USA!

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