You matter.

Of course you know that I intend this blog to be more about the sarcastic, lighthearted side of life, but sometimes I have to do more than that.  Sometimes I realize that we live in a fallen world with fallen people who make horrific decisions.  Sometimes there are things that happen that cause me to feel my social obligation to be a voice.

Here’s the thing.  I am a Christian woman. I have been a Christian woman for over a decade, but I’ve seen very close and intimate images of the other side.  Because of these two facts, I tend to view things a little differently than some others.  I haven’t read my Bible like I should, and I haven’t been on my best emotional and mental game of late.  That’s what, for me, makes it hard to decide exactly what to say.

I’ll start with this: how old you are, what your denomination is, your sexual orientation, your politics, your family or the color of your skin do not determine whether or not you have value. The most basic and important and vital detail of human life is that you matter.  Age, sexual orientation, religion, race, none of that determines your worth because you are already worth something. You were created by a God who loves endlessly; you matter deeply to Him, and you matter to me.

As a Christian, there are going to be lifestyles I don’t agree with, sins I will try to convict; there will be choices that are not biblically sound that I want to help correct. That does not mean I hate you or that I find you worthless. The exact opposite. The very fact that you have a life means that you matter.  Your background, where you came from or where you are doesn’t get to take that away from you.  Nor does it give you an elevation above anyone else.  Nor does it give you the right to take worth away at will or at all.


I am devastated by the horrific stories I am seeing on the news, pull up any one of them.  I am separate from these events directly, but I still feel devastated for those families.  I still love those people.  I still find it so hard to believe that such evil is so rampant and so accepted.

It’s our duty, our responsibility as people to stand up for injustice.  To shout from the rooftops that injustice will not stand anymore.  What I said about viewing things differently is still true – the world will get darker and darker as these things, these atrocious things become more accepted and desired.  That’s a hard thing to comprehend, but already I can see battle lines being drawn, wars declared.

We shouldn’t be calling for separation or segregation but unity and education.  There should be (should always have been) a standard that must be adhered to.  If that standard cannot be met, it should be met with righteous judgement.  It should be dealt with accordingly, not with more violence or more hate; not with more death or vitriol.

To those families suffering and asking why and how; to those families struggling to understand this, to you I say I’m sorry.  It’s not enough, it will never be enough, but it’s what I have to give.  I am so sorry that you’re hurting.  I am so sorry that someone felt the person (people) you’re grieving over didn’t matter, because they did matter.

They still matter.  Even what’s happening doesn’t take away the purpose or worth of anyone.  Those of us left here matter enough to make a difference.  That needs to be our goal: educating, standing up and joining together to stop the hate.  We matter enough to stop the hate without more hate.

I can’t say this enough: no matter who you are, where you are, what you are –



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