Honor and sacrifice, it’s in the job description.

So, it’s mother’s day.  I’m a mom.  What would happen if I didn’t post a mother’s day post? Granted it’s technically not mother’s day anymore, but if I haven’t gone to sleep I’m still counting it.  Could I be sleeping right now?  Probably.  The better question is, should I be sleeping right now; the answer is yes.  Yes I should be sleeping.  I just couldn’t go to bed, though, without sending a message to all those Moms out there.

When I say Moms, I mean mothers of every medium.  Adoptive mothers, foster mothers, expecting mothers, grandmothers, new mothers, veteran mothers, MOPS – I’m talking about all of you.

I think that it’s hard to be a mom these days.  Well, let’s be real.  It’s probably always been hard to be a mom.  I mean, what in the world did mothers do – how did they cope before coffee and PBS Kids?  I don’t think I could survive without it.  I certainly couldn’t speak without that morning cup.  I don’t think I could ever get anything done without those kids shows.  I’m thinking of a time when mothers managed to churn their own butter, sew their own clothes, milk their own cows, comfort and care for their children, cook every meal for their families all without a vehicle, electricity and coffee.  How did they do it?  Those were some tough chicks.

We have it a lot easier in most ways than those women did (I mean, our butter comes churned, I didn’t go near a cows ta-tas and my clothes come pre-made), but harder in some areas (I am a working mother yet full-time mom who takes my kids to work and all of their extra curricular activities as well as trying to be a wife) .  Don’t scoff.  They had it hard, but it was a different kind of hard.  I don’t think those same women would come into our world and exclaim how easy it is.  Just as they did, we also endure hardship, it’s just a different kind.  I want this post to be about honor.  Honoring women who have sacrificed so much of themselves (physically, emotionally, financially) for others.  There are so many different types of mothers, and sadly, I don’t think enough of them get recognition or the gratitude they deserve.  I don’t think that’s why they do what they do, but they deserve it all the same.

This post is for the mothers who have lost.  Mothers who have miscarried, had a child pass away, had the hope of a child gone before it ever came – those are all tales of warriors.  Warriors that suffered a great loss and yet continue on, albeit with shadows and grief.  I have never experienced this, and to be honest I don’t ever want to, but I know it’s hard.   I know that some days it must be extremely painful, yet you stand.  I honor you and your sacrifice.

This post is for the mothers who have been able to go through the amazing process of birth and pregnancy.  The mothers who carried their babies to term and had to give that baby up for adoption, who got to take their baby home with them, who had to stay at the hospital while their baby (or they themselves) recovered – those are tales of a different kind of warrior.  Warriors that sacrificed their bodies for the betterment of the creation inside of them – the miracle that is life and love.  I honor you and your sacrifice.

This post is for the mothers that were never able to experience pregnancy or birth yet are blessed to be a mother to amazing kids.  Mothers who adopted, mothers who are foster parents, mothers who are relatives caring for a family member – another sacrifice.  This warrior sacrifices just as much as the others.  They love just as much as the others.  They are mothers just as much as the others.  I honor you and your sacrifice.

This post is for the children (young or old, you are a child to a mother somewhere) that have mothers unable to be with them.  The kids that lost their parents to death or mystery, the kids that never knew their mothers but must still think of them, the kids that are unable to communicate with their mothers – this is also a sacrifice.  I want you to know that I honor your mother and I honor you.  I honor the sacrifices made on both sides of the fence.

I’m sure there are other categories I’ve missed but it’s 2 in the morning.

If you are a mother close or far from your kids, I honor you.  Your hearts are big.  You love huge.  You are willing to do what it takes to make sure your child has the best life possible, to make sure that your child is safe from harm.  The sacrifices you make for your kids are not for recognition but because the love you have for your child is a love unsurpassed, but by one.  The only one whose love will always trump a mother’s love.  The first and greatest parent.  Our creator.  He knows what it is to love.  HE knows what it is to feel the loss of a child, to feel the joyous shouts for the birth of a child, to watch a child stumble and know there is nothing to do but watch and wait.  He knows what desperation feels like when you feel a child slipping away.  He also knows the unmitigated pleasure and peace of having a child return home (or never leaving in the first place).

Today, mothers, on a day set aside for you, remember that it’s not about the gifts.  It’s not about what anyone can do for you.  It’s about saying thank you.  Thank you for your hard work.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  Thank you for your love.  You are so important.  No matter how many times you feel like you’ve screwed up (at least once a day for me), you are making a difference.  Whether your child is with you or not, you made and are making a difference.  Don’t ever forget that.  Don’t ever forget that you, as a mother, have or have had the greatest privilege.  No matter how you came to be a mother, you followed through with that decision to be one.  That’s huge.

This is me loving you from afar and honoring you.  I will do this every day, but I want you to hear it today.  Know, though, that I am not the only one doing it.  You are never alone, mom.  You are awesome.  You were created and designed for this. You were chosen for this. You are strong enough for this. You are not forgotten.  You deserve a thank you (and so much more).

So, thank you for you.  Happy Mother’s day all you women.  And especially to my Momma, who you find pictured below.


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