Okay….Ready ANY time now!!

GREAT NEWS:  My mom is HERE!!    I don’t have too much to say before I go into the survey this week.  I am on my second week of maternity leave and there is still. No. Baby.  NO BABY.  I am so ready for this to happen.  I want to hold her.  In other fun news:  I have a new cousin!  My cousin who was also due a week later than me had her baby on Monday.   Ha,  I, however, am officially late today.  Yesterday was my last due date.  When I walked into the doctor’s office the nurse jokingly told me that I should be at the hospital instead of at the doctor.  When my doctor came in the room he asked me why I wasn’t having the baby.  If I knew the answer to that question, I would have fixed it by now.    Of course they were joking and I was not upset, it just made me laugh!  BUT, that being said, I would LOVE to have the baby, oh I don’t know – NOW.  My mom and I are watching a really ridiculous and weird movie.  In a bad way, haha, so I am just going to get on with the survey.

How Far Along? 40 weeks and 2 days, AKA FULL TERM and LATE.

Sex and/or Names:  Girl with a name that you will find out SOON.  Also, because my Mom is here and she doesn’t access the outside world much, she now knows the baby name.  Don’t bother trying to call her – I won’t give her the phone! 🙂

Total weight gain:  I think I am the same as last week so…..6?  I am not sure.  I think I will have to ask for those records.  It would be very interesting to see how little my massive size is due to baby, haha.

Cravings:  Nothing really, right now.  Right now everything seems to make me feel gross, over-huge and heavy.   I think it’s just me being uncomfortable and at the end.  There is, and probably always will be, the craving for McDonald’s ice.  I got the opportunity to explain and show that to my mom tonight.  I think she thinks I’m a little off.  🙂

Aversions:  Oddly enough, it’s getting to be salty things.  If you know me at all, you know how CRAZY that is.  I want sweet things.  Also, crazy for me.  <–Still true.

Current Diet:   Um….My diet is random and small.  I’m not eating much, but I am grazing all day.  Today I was up at 6 AM, didn’t eat until 1 PM and then not again until 9 PM.  And the 9 PM was small.  I just feel full enough almost all the time.

Showing/How Big:  I think we have upgraded to large pumpkin…….Pretty much.  On occasion, two pumpkins, or – you know, always.

Maternity clothes?  My maternity sweats were washed today, but our new (bought used with a problem that Dave fixed) was not ventilated right, and it wasn’t drying the clothes.  Meaning, my maternity sweats are out of commission until they can dry naturally over the bathroom door.  You have no idea how sad that is!  Thank God I have other sweats.

Sleep:  I am not sleeping very well.  I’m not even getting up to pee as often as I was before, but I just can’t sleep.  The muscles in my legs almost feel like growing pains, but it’s not – it’s clearly the pressure from baby.  Be that as it may, it still prevents me from sleeping and I can’t get comfortable.  EVER.  Last night, I tried and tried to sleep, and finally I decided that I am just going to keep my eyes open and stare at the clock until I fall asleep on my own.  I stared at that clock for an hour and a half and then 4 hours later Maya was up and because of that……..So was I.  And surprisingly, I am not as tired as I should be.  I think I just want to go into labor so bad that I am awake waiting for it.  I want – no, I need to have my mom there with me.  It’s just how I’ve always wanted it to be.  It’s something special between my Mom and I and my Mom and my kids.  Like her being my maid of honor.  I don’t see her nearly enough, and so my kids don’t either.  I want her to be intertwined with us from the very beginning.  I love her, and I want her there.  So now the pressure is on; she is only here until Thursday.

Best moment this week:  Huh.  Not sure on this one…….Thinking…….Thinking……..Feeling the changes in her movement and position(s).  She has moved herself down into full readiness.  She is just waiting for my body to do it’s job, I think.

Movement:  When she moves, man it hurts.  The other night I was woken up from a sleep with her shoulder bearing down on my pelvis/hip and it hurt so bad.  I actually had to put my hand under her shoulder and lift her body up off of it.  Today I was feeling her rotate while in my pelvis and I could feel her shoulders going across my pelvis.  But, she doesn’t do that a ton.  As soon as I sit down for any length of time she is moving all over the place.  Sometimes I don’t notice her moving, but I notice that my stomach looks completely different and she is in a different position.  I like that.  It is a little bit of a strange feeling, though! 🙂

Labor Signs:   I had false labor/pre labor starting at about 5 Sunday morning…Contractions started then…2 minutes long, but ranging from 7-20 minutes apart….Took a shower at 7 and they stopped until about 11….Then they were sporadic the rest of the day until 8 then they were, again, 2 minutes long but too far apart….They stopped at about 1 AM and were  sporadic….But they were long and my back HURT….Also, lots of pressure….Today it definitely feels like things are progressing, but no contractions.  Some of them might have been contractions, but I really think that it was more of her moving.

Belly Button in or out? It’s actually 3/4 out.  A couple of times it’s been out all the way and that’s when she arranges herself to be comfortable and me to look awkward and weird, ha!

What I miss:  Being able to walk without tense pain and tightness.  But, in a way, I’m not sad about that because it means I’m a little closer!  YAY!

Weekly Wisdom:  Don’t stress yourself out about not giving birth or going into labor.  I know that I talk about this a lot and I sound super duper impatient, but really, it’s just because I want to hold her and I am on maternity leave without a baby.  Really, the best thing to bring about labor is to rest and relax.  With Maya, the day I was having contractions, we wanted to go into the hospital right then.  My mom and I walked the 6 or 7 blocks to the store, bought some heavy things that I insisted I carry.  I bounced on my exercise ball.  I paced.  I walked up and down stairs.  You know what that did?  It caused the contractions to come hot and heavy and QUICK.  We went into the hospital, and I did NOT give birth for a week.  And I had to be induced.  It’s funny how many people are telling me now to do a lot of those same things.  My point is that, the baby will not come before they’re ready.  So they are late.  So it SEEMS like everyone is having a baby before you.  That baby is going to come soon and it is going to be amazing and glorious.

What I am looking forward to:  Obviously, at this point, there is no other answer other than to hold that baby in my arms.  I have a really awesome OB doctor and he understands my desire to have my mom there and he is fully willing to work with me.  SO, if I don’t have the baby by Sunday night, I am going in Monday morning to be induced and he said that we will have the baby by Wednesday no matter what.  SO, that’s great, but I don’t want a C-Section so I don’t think I like the “no matter what.” I am hoping to go into labor tonight because that way my husband won’t have to open in the AM or Sunday night because my husband has Monday and Tuesday off, he works Wednesday and then his boss will give him a week to 5 days off starting on Thursday.  Thursday my mom leaves, so that means that I will have the first two weeks of Baby 2’s life with help.  ALSO, if I go in on Sunday night, I will be able to watch the Packer game Monday night in the hospital on real cable!  😀

Milestones:  Inducement has been scheduled.  Does anything else really need to be said?  It’s coming.  Within THIS WEEK I will be holding our beautiful new baby girl in my arms!!

Fruit/Veggie Size of Baby:  Baby 2 is about the size of a small pumpkin (Ha!  look above to the “Showing/How Big” question the last two weeks) – 20 inches and 7.5 pounds (she barely grew at all since last week).  It’ll be interesting to see how accurate these measurements are.

Sibling and Baby:  Maya told me in the car yesterday, “Baby sister is going to come soon so she doesn’t hurt Mommy anymore like a watermelon.  When she comes, I give her kisses and hugs.   I tickle her toes like snack and I tickle her armpits too.”  Oh my gosh!  My kid kills me!  I just love her and the things she comes up with!  She is seriously so excited.  Every day she gets a little more excited about her coming.  She has been giving my stomach hugs and kisses a lot lately.

Next Doctor Visit:  November 4 at 8:50 AM (Inducement day!)

IMG_8858 IMG_8859

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