39 Weeks – can she come out now???

The exciting news for this week is that I have a NEW NIECE!!  She is tiny and perfect and beautiful!  And she came a week and a few days early – today.  My baby, well she is never coming out.  I think that she is so content in there that she just decided to stay.  I told the doctor that today and he said, “Well, really, she’s in an environment that she won’t want to ever leave.”  After he saw the look on my face, he immediately said, “But,  you know, she could come any second now, so go wake up your husband and get ready.”  I am not comforted by his quick turn around.  With my first pregnancy, I was feeling contractions and I could feel when she was ready.  Of course, two times I was wrong – one time it was dehydration causing the labor symptoms when there was no labor, and the second time came 6 days before I was induced.  Not sure what happened there.  But the point is, I don’t feel any of that this time.  I do NOT want to wait two more weeks to get induced and have this baby.  I want her to come out now.  Gah.

I don’t really have anything new to report except to say that I have started maternity leave.  Sunday was my first official day of no more work.  Monday Maya and I had our date; it was fabulous!  It was a little trying because she pretty much didn’t sleep the night before so we were both pretty tired.  She picked Blue and one black toe on each foot – it was perfect!  She choose a dark purple for my toes, and we both got to stick our toes in the water and get our feet scrubbed and massaged.  Maya didn’t want to stick her feet in the water at first, but once she did we had to stop her from doing it, haha.  Before we got out pedicures we went to a store to get her some warm boots and she got to play with some toys for a bit before she got to pick one out.  After our pedicures (she, by the way, wooed every single employee at the salon with her delightful self), we went to Applebees for lunch.  She declared that she wanted Chicken fingers and fries, and after she ate 3/4 of the fries and about one bite of chicken asked if we could go home, haha.  We got home at about 3 ish and she took a 3.5 hour nap!  Which means:  Mommy and Daddy got an hour and a half nap….Oh it was glorious!  I woke up and she was standing in front of me with her blanket over her head, haha.  The next day was harder and had even less sleep at night for Maya.  It ended up with her and I each having a crying fit.  It was a very difficult day.  But since then it’s been great hanging out with my Babe.  Lots of laughs, lots of cuddling, and lots of fun.  Even two days with a nap.  She’s gotten a lot better at hanging in her room and not screaming for me until I tell her it’s time to get out.  So that’s nice for me.  I set my alarm for two hours and if I fall asleep, that’s okay.  As much as I love (and I really, really, really love it) hanging out with my baby girl all day and not having to work, I am sincerely hoping to have Baby 2 this weekend.  Friday (tomorrow) would be perfect – my husband works in the morning and naturally has the weekend off then he can use an additional week of vacation days to spend a week with us.  Plus, HELLO, my MOM will be here! 🙂  I cannot WAIT for that! 🙂

Alright, alright – survey time……..

How Far Along? 39 weeks today .

Sex and/or Names:  Girl with a name that you will find out SOON.

Total weight gain: Boo – I gained another pound.  Bringing my total weight gain to 6.  Ugh.  Even for gaining so little, though, my weight number is HUGE.  Gonna have to actually start exercising – who wants to do that???

Cravings:  Random things that I see on the shelves of a store.  I went into the grocery store to get juice the other day and came back with juice, donuts and popcorn.  Haha.  The donuts were irresistible.  Couldn’t even help myself, well, I’m guessing that even if I tried to stop myself I wouldn’t be able to.

Aversions:  Oddly enough, it’s getting to be salty things.  If you know me at all, you know how CRAZY that is.  I want sweet things.  Also, crazy for me.

Current Diet:   We actually went grocery shopping, so there are things in the house that I am able to eat – that is exciting.  What isn’t exciting is that I don’t really want any of it, ha.  What I really want is veggies because it just feels like everything that I’ve been eating is so heavy – I have enough weight going on in my midsection, I need nothing added.

Showing/How Big:  I think we have upgraded to large pumpkin…….Pretty much.  On occasion, two pumpkins.

Maternity clothes?  I have my favorite shirts and I feel like I keep taking pictures in those.  However, it snowed yesterday and has been cold ever since.  Now I get to wear my warm maternity shirts that I have never worn before.  Also, I have been totally living up to my promise to make sweat pants my new best friend.  When I go out, I am in jeans, but at home I am not just in sweats – maternity sweats.  It is a beautiful relationship I have with them!

Sleep:  I’m tired all the time right now.  Although it’s partly because  I have to get up to go to the bathroom and to change positions, but now it’s added my baby girl.  She has been sick for a couple of days which is not good for her sleep or for our sleep.   Also, in the middle of the night she has been coming into our room and into our bed to sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to cuddle with her in the night, and I LOVE that she wants to sleep with me, but when I have to wake up in the middle of the night, it’s incredibly hard to get up without waking her, so I stay up until I am able to get out.  But I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Best moment this week:  Huh.  Not sure on this one…….Thinking…….Thinking……..Hearing my doctor say that it could be any time now?  Even if it was half-hearted.  Oh, maybe that I had some real contractions.  Nothing significant, but real nonetheless.

Movement:  So, the past couple of days she has been moving like crazy.  It hurts a little, but more than anything it’s uncomfortable.  I mean, seriously, this girl is MAKING room for herself.  I am telling you – she’s carving out a home for herself.  A permanent one. It is certainly fun to watch, though.  She doesn’t move during the day at all, but she does move a lot at night.  It starts as soon as I sit and goes until about midnight, or until I lay down for bed.  She seems to sleep when I sleep at night, which, hopefully, is speaking to how it will be once she’s born.

Labor Signs:  I have had a few contractions here and there, but nothing steady or regular in the least.  They were so insignificant that it took me a bit to realize that they were contractions.  The most I had were at church last night.  They started at about 7 and I had them approximately every 20 minutes for an hour and a half.  They were strong – it caught my breath, but they were also quite short.  They ended shortly after I got home.

Belly Button in or out? It’s actually 3/4 out.  A couple of times it’s been out all the way and that’s when she arranges herself to be comfortable and me to look awkward and weird, ha!

What I miss:  Having to pee every 30 seconds.  Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but it doesn’t feel like one.  Even lifting my leg up to walk over Maya’s gate I have to be very cautious.  Accidents happen, right?  Gross.  One of the worst things about pregnancy.

Weekly Wisdom:  Make lists.  Make lists of things that need to be done, lists for people who are coming to help with your kids, or house.  Make a list of everything you will need for the hospital.  Don’t overdo anything, by any means, and don’t go crazy with the lists, but it helps at this stage to stay organized, to make sure that you have what you need for when baby comes.  If you get a burst of nesting energy, use it, but don’t push yourself when you feel like sleeping.

What I am looking forward to:  I cannot wait to see and hold my beautiful babe, but I am so excited for my mom, husband and daughter to meet and hold her too!  I just want her here already!! 🙂

Milestones:  I have one more regular doctor’s appointment (hopefully I won’t have to make it for that because I will have already had her), and my original due date is tomorrow.

Fruit/Veggie Size of Baby:  Baby 2 is about the size of a mini watermelon (Ha!  We can actually call it that) – 20 inches and 7.25 pounds (wow, she gained a lot in the past week!  That would certainly explain my weight gain.).

Sibling and Baby:  Maya told two people so far this week, “Baby sister is coming soon.”  She is going to be so great at being a big sister.  I also got home from work on Saturday and the first thing she said to me was, “Mommy, you gonna help me change baby sister’s diapers, wight?”  OF COURSE!  I just love her!

Next Doctor Visit:  October 31st  (Thursday)

IMG_8836 IMG_8838

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