39 Weeks – can she come out now???

The exciting news for this week is that I have a NEW NIECE!!  She is tiny and perfect and beautiful!  And she came a week and a few days early – today.  My baby, well she is never coming out.  I think that she is so content in there that she just decided to stay.  I told the doctor that today and he said, “Well, really, she’s in an environment that she won’t want to ever leave.”  After he saw the look on my face, he immediately said, “But,  you know, she could come any second now, so go wake up your husband and get ready.”  I am not comforted by his quick turn around.  With my first pregnancy, I was feeling contractions and I could feel when she was ready.  Of course, two times I was wrong – one time it was dehydration causing the labor symptoms when there was no labor, and the second time came 6 days before I was induced.  Not sure what happened there.  But the point is, I don’t feel any of that this time.  I do NOT want to wait two more weeks to get induced and have this baby.  I want her to come out now.  Gah.

I don’t really have anything new to report except to say that I have started maternity leave.  Sunday was my first official day of no more work.  Monday Maya and I had our date; it was fabulous!  It was a little trying because she pretty much didn’t sleep the night before so we were both pretty tired.  She picked Blue and one black toe on each foot – it was perfect!  She choose a dark purple for my toes, and we both got to stick our toes in the water and get our feet scrubbed and massaged.  Maya didn’t want to stick her feet in the water at first, but once she did we had to stop her from doing it, haha.  Before we got out pedicures we went to a store to get her some warm boots and she got to play with some toys for a bit before she got to pick one out.  After our pedicures (she, by the way, wooed every single employee at the salon with her delightful self), we went to Applebees for lunch.  She declared that she wanted Chicken fingers and fries, and after she ate 3/4 of the fries and about one bite of chicken asked if we could go home, haha.  We got home at about 3 ish and she took a 3.5 hour nap!  Which means:  Mommy and Daddy got an hour and a half nap….Oh it was glorious!  I woke up and she was standing in front of me with her blanket over her head, haha.  The next day was harder and had even less sleep at night for Maya.  It ended up with her and I each having a crying fit.  It was a very difficult day.  But since then it’s been great hanging out with my Babe.  Lots of laughs, lots of cuddling, and lots of fun.  Even two days with a nap.  She’s gotten a lot better at hanging in her room and not screaming for me until I tell her it’s time to get out.  So that’s nice for me.  I set my alarm for two hours and if I fall asleep, that’s okay.  As much as I love (and I really, really, really love it) hanging out with my baby girl all day and not having to work, I am sincerely hoping to have Baby 2 this weekend.  Friday (tomorrow) would be perfect – my husband works in the morning and naturally has the weekend off then he can use an additional week of vacation days to spend a week with us.  Plus, HELLO, my MOM will be here! 🙂  I cannot WAIT for that! 🙂

Alright, alright – survey time……..

How Far Along? 39 weeks today .

Sex and/or Names:  Girl with a name that you will find out SOON.

Total weight gain: Boo – I gained another pound.  Bringing my total weight gain to 6.  Ugh.  Even for gaining so little, though, my weight number is HUGE.  Gonna have to actually start exercising – who wants to do that???

Cravings:  Random things that I see on the shelves of a store.  I went into the grocery store to get juice the other day and came back with juice, donuts and popcorn.  Haha.  The donuts were irresistible.  Couldn’t even help myself, well, I’m guessing that even if I tried to stop myself I wouldn’t be able to.

Aversions:  Oddly enough, it’s getting to be salty things.  If you know me at all, you know how CRAZY that is.  I want sweet things.  Also, crazy for me.

Current Diet:   We actually went grocery shopping, so there are things in the house that I am able to eat – that is exciting.  What isn’t exciting is that I don’t really want any of it, ha.  What I really want is veggies because it just feels like everything that I’ve been eating is so heavy – I have enough weight going on in my midsection, I need nothing added.

Showing/How Big:  I think we have upgraded to large pumpkin…….Pretty much.  On occasion, two pumpkins.

Maternity clothes?  I have my favorite shirts and I feel like I keep taking pictures in those.  However, it snowed yesterday and has been cold ever since.  Now I get to wear my warm maternity shirts that I have never worn before.  Also, I have been totally living up to my promise to make sweat pants my new best friend.  When I go out, I am in jeans, but at home I am not just in sweats – maternity sweats.  It is a beautiful relationship I have with them!

Sleep:  I’m tired all the time right now.  Although it’s partly because  I have to get up to go to the bathroom and to change positions, but now it’s added my baby girl.  She has been sick for a couple of days which is not good for her sleep or for our sleep.   Also, in the middle of the night she has been coming into our room and into our bed to sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to cuddle with her in the night, and I LOVE that she wants to sleep with me, but when I have to wake up in the middle of the night, it’s incredibly hard to get up without waking her, so I stay up until I am able to get out.  But I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Best moment this week:  Huh.  Not sure on this one…….Thinking…….Thinking……..Hearing my doctor say that it could be any time now?  Even if it was half-hearted.  Oh, maybe that I had some real contractions.  Nothing significant, but real nonetheless.

Movement:  So, the past couple of days she has been moving like crazy.  It hurts a little, but more than anything it’s uncomfortable.  I mean, seriously, this girl is MAKING room for herself.  I am telling you – she’s carving out a home for herself.  A permanent one. It is certainly fun to watch, though.  She doesn’t move during the day at all, but she does move a lot at night.  It starts as soon as I sit and goes until about midnight, or until I lay down for bed.  She seems to sleep when I sleep at night, which, hopefully, is speaking to how it will be once she’s born.

Labor Signs:  I have had a few contractions here and there, but nothing steady or regular in the least.  They were so insignificant that it took me a bit to realize that they were contractions.  The most I had were at church last night.  They started at about 7 and I had them approximately every 20 minutes for an hour and a half.  They were strong – it caught my breath, but they were also quite short.  They ended shortly after I got home.

Belly Button in or out? It’s actually 3/4 out.  A couple of times it’s been out all the way and that’s when she arranges herself to be comfortable and me to look awkward and weird, ha!

What I miss:  Having to pee every 30 seconds.  Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but it doesn’t feel like one.  Even lifting my leg up to walk over Maya’s gate I have to be very cautious.  Accidents happen, right?  Gross.  One of the worst things about pregnancy.

Weekly Wisdom:  Make lists.  Make lists of things that need to be done, lists for people who are coming to help with your kids, or house.  Make a list of everything you will need for the hospital.  Don’t overdo anything, by any means, and don’t go crazy with the lists, but it helps at this stage to stay organized, to make sure that you have what you need for when baby comes.  If you get a burst of nesting energy, use it, but don’t push yourself when you feel like sleeping.

What I am looking forward to:  I cannot wait to see and hold my beautiful babe, but I am so excited for my mom, husband and daughter to meet and hold her too!  I just want her here already!! 🙂

Milestones:  I have one more regular doctor’s appointment (hopefully I won’t have to make it for that because I will have already had her), and my original due date is tomorrow.

Fruit/Veggie Size of Baby:  Baby 2 is about the size of a mini watermelon (Ha!  We can actually call it that) – 20 inches and 7.25 pounds (wow, she gained a lot in the past week!  That would certainly explain my weight gain.).

Sibling and Baby:  Maya told two people so far this week, “Baby sister is coming soon.”  She is going to be so great at being a big sister.  I also got home from work on Saturday and the first thing she said to me was, “Mommy, you gonna help me change baby sister’s diapers, wight?”  OF COURSE!  I just love her!

Next Doctor Visit:  October 31st  (Thursday)

IMG_8836 IMG_8838

38 Weeks – Wowza!

Well, it’s official.  I worked my last shift at Biggby today – my last shift there ever – and on Friday I had my last day for three months at the office.  Heeelllllooooo Maternity Leave! 🙂  I am so excited to be able to wake up whenever I wake up and not have to worry about what time it is or having to be somewhere.  That, I think, is almost the best thing about maternity leave.  The very best thing is getting in some Maya and me time before Baby 2 comes.  On Monday she and I are going on a date – just the two of us.  We are going to a salon to get a pedicure and then we are going out to lunch together.  She is so excited about it!  She cried today because I told her that we weren’t going today, but when I first told her about it she smiled so big that her eyes almost disappeared and she jumped up to hold my whole arm in a hug and said, “Oh, Mommy, that would make me so really happy!”  I just love her.  So stinking much!  The other awesome part about maternity leave?  Sweat pants and hoodies every day! 🙂  Also, being able to paint my nails if I want to.  Can’t wait to pick an obnoxious shade to paint them!  At Biggby, because it’s food and beverage prep, we couldn’t wear nail polish.  Maybe Maya and I will even get matching nail polish.  I told her today that I wouldn’t be going back to work without her again and that for a few months I would be able to be home with her every day.  I have never heard her squeal like that before, haha.  She digs me!

Okay, I’m tired and want to go to sleep soon, so on with the survey!

How Far Along? 38 weeks and 3 days, .

Sex and/or Names:  It’s a GIRL!  Another beautiful Baby girl…Name is picked out – first and middle – but we are waiting to reveal that until the birth….Shut up about it already! ;)

Total weight gain: I have gained nothing since the last appointment so it’s still at 5 pounds.  Whenever we go in there, Maya insists on being weighed too (it’s so cute), and she gained about a pound since the last time and I told her that.  Then I got on the scale saw my huge weight and made about the same comment and the nurse said, “oh no, you’re about the same weight as last time.”  First of all, gee thanks.  Secondly I meant overall since I got pregnant (and let’s be honest – it started before I got pregnant).  Yeah….Praying for like a 20 pound weight loss miraculously happening RIGHT AFTER I give birth.

Cravings:  Cheesecake is something that I’ve been craving on and off for quite some time.  Mostly off, but I really want a piece right now.  SO badly.  I want things – random things at random times  and I have to have them, but they are pretty much just one time things.  For the most part of most days I don’t want anything really.  I’ll get really hungry and eat something, but because I don’t really want anything, I don’t eat until I’m really hungry and then I feel sick after.  I am a very complex pregnant eater, apparently.

Aversions:  Um………Fruit.  It’s sad because I actually really do want to eat fruit, but I’m so freaked out that it’ll be bad inside (our produce dept isn’t awesome) that I’m simultaneously wanting it and being thoroughly disgusted and grossed out by it. <– Still True.

Current Diet:   I don’t particularly want anything  so I don’t eat much.  But when I do eat I try to eat a variety of food groups.   I’m not terribly successful with that.  It ends up being a lot of snack type things because I don’t want to cook and the smell of a lot of cooking makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Showing/How Big:  I think we have upgraded to large pumpkin.

Maternity clothes?  SO those non-maternity jeans that still fit me aren’t fitting me very comfortably anymore.  They have to be rolled at the waist and she dropped so she is RIGHT THERE.  I still wear them but as I said in the beginning of this, sweat pants are my new best friend.  Those and leggings.

Sleep:  I’m tired all the time right now.  I wake up about 6-7 times a night to go to the bathroom and change positions, but I think I sleep pretty well in between those times.  I’m just at the stage where I will always be tired.  It happens in every pregnancy, so I really don’t have any complaints here.  If I expected to sleep really well I would be insane!

Best moment this week:  Our doctor had them take an image of the baby at our last appointment and we could see exactly where she was.  She is no longer in my spine, which I could already tell, but she is definitely in my pelvis – her entire head.  She dropped as far down as she will before labor, and that was kind of neat to see.  It also helps discerning pain from her position and contractions.

Movement:  She is seemingly less active, which is both obvious and normal, but she is still moving a lot.  It just feels slower because she is out of room.  IT takes her a while to move into a position and that can hurt quite a bit.  When I can feel her head rotating in my pelvis, it feels pretty darn near a labor contraction – a BIG one.

Labor Signs:  No labor.  Just contractions here and there and she has fully prepped herself to be birthed.  So that’s pretty cool.

Belly Button in or out? It’s actually 3/4 out.  A couple of times it’s been out all the way and that’s when she arranges herself to be comfortable and me to look awkward and weird, ha!

What I miss:  Um….I could do without the intense pelvic pain.  Looking forward to being able to sit without feeling like I’m going to pee my pants.  That’s going to be AWESOME.

Weekly Wisdom:  Do something for yourself.  Take a day or an hour or whatever and just do something nice, calm and relaxing for yourself.  Soon you are going to have so much to do.  Also, drink copious amounts of water.  Dehydration can lead to false labor, so make sure that you are drinking A LOT of fluid and save yourself the trouble of thinking you have to be rushed to the hospital.

What I am looking forward to:  My maternity leave is going to be awesome!  Tomorrow is the Packer game, Monday I have a date with the best kid EVER, and cleaning projects galore!  I know some might think that it’s sad that I want to clean on my leave, but I really do have things that I need to get cleaned and that’s my plan.  Also, writing.  Writing while Maya naps.  I also fully intend on taking naps and sleeping.  That is going to be GLORIOUS.

Milestones:  Hitting the 2 week mark (or one week or week of – who really knows other than God and Baby 2?).  That’s a pretty huge deal.  It’s. Almost. OVER.

Fruit/Veggie Size of Baby:  Baby 2 is about the size of a leek – 19.75 inches and 6.8 pounds

Sibling and Baby:  Maya has been asking when she is coming.  She so badly wants to play with her baby sister.  When I came home from work today she said, “Mommy, you’re going to help me change baby sister’s diaper, right?”  Ha!

Next Doctor Visit:  October 24th  (Thursday)

IMG_8818 IMG_8821

37 weeks

It’s been a good week since I’ve written to you last.  We are officially in one week appointments.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t she say that like 3 other times?”  At my last appointment we would have moved to every week had I been 36 weeks, but I was 35 so he gave me an option to do one or two weeks.  The time before that a nurse told me it would be every week (I don’t think she noticed how far along I was), and the time before that my doctor was gone so I saw a woman who told me I was a week farther along than my doctor said and she was telling me that I only had one more two week visit and then move to one week visits.  Now, though, there is no way to avoid going in every week!  So I PROMISE this time that I am seeing my doctor every week.  I have the appointment scheduled and everything.

Baby 2 dropped about a week and a half ago.  Maybe a week because it was shortly after my last post.  I am carrying this baby so much differently (Maya was kind of high and in front, and this baby is low and in my spine) and I think that’s why I felt and noticed her drop (with Maya I didn’t know she dropped until my lamaze coach told me that I dropped).  That and the insane amount of pressure on my pelvis is something that I didn’t have with Maya.  The pressure was hurting so bad one night that I thought I was going to throw up, no joke.  That, however was just one night.  Before and since then it’s just been pressure and some soreness which means………………..BABY IS COMING SOON!!!   Of course that is super exciting!

I am a fan of the show, “Parenthood,” (if you don’t watch it, go to Netflix, watch the first 4 seasons, get caught up on Season 5 and start watching it – it’s good!) and was up until 11 on Thursday watching the newest episode (man, 10 at night is just too late to play a show!) and instead of going to bed I thought that i would just “quickly” put away the laundry that I folded during the show.  That and getting ready for bed brought it to 12.  When I finally laid down all I could think about was which rooms needed to be arranged and how, and at 12:30 got up to try and arrange our guest room/Dave’s office.  He would not let me do it (with good reason).  So, I went back to lay down frustrated that I couldn’t get it out of my system and realized, “Oh, wait!  I didn’t pack my hospital bag yet!”  With Maya I had a false alarm 3 weeks prior and didn’t have a bag packed.  So I got up to do that.  At 1:30 I was finished and laid back down.  At about 2 I fell asleep and at 4:30 I had to get up for work.  THAT was enjoyable!  Haha.  This whole nesting thing always gives me inspiration/attack at night!  But, on the upside, my bag is packed and ready to go – also, Maya actually took her nap that day so I was able to get one in too!  A win in my book.

Maya is going to have her first night in her toddler bed  (it’s been taunting her since her birthday party 9/1), so that will be interesting, ha!  Also, my laptop was terribly annoying to work on because if it was moved even a millimeter the power cord would come out and the whole computer would shut down instantly.  So we bought a new battery and a new cord, neither helped.  Day before yesterday (the day I only got 2.5 hours of sleep) my husband came home late from work with a brand new laptop for me.  It made me cry a bit!  Last thing is that after this week I am officially on maternity leave.  Man, I am so excited about that!  Not that I don’t like my jobs, I’m just excited to be able to wake up when I wake up and not have to go anywhere if I don’t want to.  That’s going to be AWESOME.

So, to sum up: Dr appointments every week, baby dropped, hospital bag is packed, Maya is getting her toddler bed, last week of work and then maternity leave and I have a brand new laptop.  GREAT week!  On with the survey! 🙂


How Far Along? 37 weeks and 4 days, .

Sex and/or Names:  It’s a GIRL!  Another beautiful Baby girl…Name is picked out – first and middle – but we are waiting to reveal that until the birth….Shut up about it already! 😉

Total weight gain: I gained another pound bringing it to 5……..I think.

Cravings:  Meh.  Food’s not really interesting me at the moment.  Drinks aren’t either….

Aversions:  Um………Fruit.  It’s sad because I actually really do want to eat fruit, but I’m so freaked out that it’ll be bad inside (our produce dept isn’t awesome) that I’m simultaneously wanting it and being thoroughly disgusted and grossed out by it.

Current Diet:   Now that she dropped, I am feeling a little less full, and find myself hungry more, but nothing is appealing to me, so I’ve just been eating whatever is available.  This past week it has been a lot of homemade chicken alfredo, gluten free, of course.  Although, I will say that I have been eating gluten which is not good, but it’s what’s available to me.  So I just need to pray over it before I eat it.  :/

Showing/How Big:  This question has just become silly, but for the sake of “tradition” (you know, because I did it with Baby 1), I will keep it in.  BIG.  Does that suffice?  How big?  About the size of a baby.

Maternity clothes?  I am down to wearing just my one pair of maternity jeans.  My other jeans still fit, but now because of where she has moved to, it’s uncomfortable to have that waist sit on my waist line.

Sleep:  Goodness.  Not really.  If I am able to fall asleep in the first place I am up to go to the bathroom every couple of hours and I need to switch positions about every hour.  My doctor told me that that’s my body prepping for breastfeeding.  While that’s awesome, if I need to feed her in the middle of the night, she comes in bed with me and  I sleep while she nurses.

Best moment this week:  This question always forces me to think really hard…………..I guess her dropping.  Now she can come at any time – tonight for all I know.  And as weird as it sounds, the pressure is the best moment.  I can feel her every move and I know exactly where she’s at.  That’s comforting to me.  And so stinking exciting!!  My good friend, Tiffany, is insisting that it is going to happen in the middle of the night and that it’s going to happen today (to be fair, every day she says, “today.”); she and her husband are my on call people for night time to come and watch Maya.

Movement:  Lots, but now it’s very concentrated, I mean it’s not like the girl has a lot of room!  She readjusts herself a lot, and if I happen to push on my stomach, she will move over.  Considerate, right?  🙂

Labor Signs:  I thought that I was having a few contractions, but when I look back on it, I think it was just her resting or moving forcefully on my pelvis.  It comes in the way of REALLY sharp jabs of pain.  But I think I’ve had a couple contractions here and there.

Belly Button in or out? It’s actually 3/4 out.

What I miss:  Typical answer, but sleep.  Also walking normal.  I have officially began to wobble.

Weekly Wisdom:  RELAX.  Understand that at this time in your pregnancy you are going to be uncomfortable so you just need to take it easy and relax.  Tell your spouse that now you need to be catered to a little bit now.  You need a little more help.  And take some time to just put your feet up.

What I am looking forward to:  This is my last week of work.  I have 3 more shifts at Biggby and 3 at the office and then it’s 3 months of maternity leave.  I have plans for that week before I give birth.  Maya and I are going to go get a pedicure and manicure together at a salon.  It’ll be Maya’s first, and the woman who does them is amazing!  When I was pregnant the first time I did the same thing and she gave the most amazing foot massage and foot bath and I am SOO looking forward to that!  Plus, it’s a Mommy Daughter date and Maya has never had a professional mani/pedi before.  It’s going to be great fun!

Milestones:  Dropping of Baby 2.

Fruit/Veggie Size of Baby:  Baby 2 is about the size of swiss chard – 19.25 inches and 6.3 pounds

Sibling and Baby:  Baby 2 was pretty active 2 days ago and I had Maya feel it and she was so excited!  She kept trying to find where she was after that.  It was so sweet to watch!

Next Doctor Visit:  October 17th  (Thursday)

And the pictures!  They need no caption (I assume)…..

IMG_8791 IMG_8792

Pretty Much 9 months…..

So, I just saw a post that I wrote titled, “7 Months…..Almost there…”  I was wrong.  I was not nearly as close as I am now.  So close that I AM HAVING A BABY THIS MONTH.  How crazy is that???   I am writing this a week after my 35 week appointment.  We’ve had things going on and sickness in the house.  We went to a friends house this past weekend where there was a gathering of sorts of my college girls and their new babies – they are everywhere (new babies, not my college friends)!  While I was holding the youngest (1 week old), Maya got so very excited.  She said, “Momma, is that my new baby sister?”  Haha.   No, no it’s not.  But she kept running over to caress her and smile at her.  When Dave came in from outside she ran up to him and said, “Daddy, look at her tiny feet,” and pulled him over to look at her tiny feet.  She is going to be a GREAT big sister, and I am so excited for her to meet Baby 2!

I was looking at my Pregnancy App (Thank you, Jesus, for my Kindle – so many cool things on there that teach me stuff!) and for me to be due on October 31, we had to have conceived in February, but we conceived in the end of January I’m pretty sure.  SO I MAY be a little earlier than they think.  They are going off of cycles and those aren’t always accurate.  Also, there was about a month there where I stayed the same size – measuring at 32 weeks for 4 weeks.  But, they may be right, they are doctors after all, right??   My original due date was October 26th which would put conception at February 2nd which is closer to my calculations.  I, by the way am getting these calculations from an app on my Kindle in which you keep track of cycles, “significant times,” etc…It helps women who are trying to get pregnant and women that want to keep track.  So, I think I will be going in around October 26.

For the sake of giving the doctors more credit than an uneducated (medically) patient, I am going to stick to their timeline – on with the survey!

How Far Along? 35 weeks and 6 days, AKA 8 months and 3 weeks.

Sex and/or Names:  It’s a GIRL!  Another beautiful Baby girl…Name is picked out – first and middle – but we are waiting to reveal that until the birth….Shut up about it already! 😉

Total weight gain: I have neither lost nor gained (well, at the last appointment – didn’t really eat healthily on the road last weekend – I may have gained some SINCE that appointment), so it still stands at 4 pounds…………..THANK GOD.

Cravings:  I was about to say nothing, but then I remembered that I have been wanting French Onion Dip, but not the cold stuff.  Only the Frito Lay brand in the jar that you can find on the shelves in the chip aisle.  But that was sort of a one time thing.  I have been feeling full and not hungry lately, so really there is nothing.

Aversions:  Food in general.  Maybe it’s not a great idea to write this in the midst of a horrific sinus issue, but food is just nor appetizing to me lately.

Current Diet:   I’m finding it a little hard to get meals in the past couple of days.  I’m just not hungry and I sort of forget to eat.<–Still True.

Showing/How Big:  This question has just become silly, but for the sake of “tradition” (you know, because I did it with Baby 1), I will keep it in.  Maya still insists it’s about the size of a watermelon.  I say more like 1 1/2 – 2 watermelons.

Maternity clothes?  I was thinking that I have enough maternity clothes.  I mean I only have one pair of maternity jeans, but I can still fit into my non-maternity jeans if I roll the tops down so I think I will do that.  It’s not like I have that long to wait (AHHHHH!!!).

Sleep:  Oh how fleeting this response for the last survey was!  I no longer feel like I’m getting enough sleep – more than I think I’m getting, probably, but not enough.  I can’t fall asleep for what feels like forever because my muscles are so tight and my back is hurting a bit more (not too much, it’s really more of the tight muscles), so when I look at the clock it’s usually like 1 or 2 in the morning.  And Maya is not a late sleeper.

Best moment this week: Best moment……Ha, being able to set my food and drink on my stomach!  Yes!  The built-in table has arrived.  I also really like watching her move things that I set on my stomach, like my laptop….That’s awesome.

Movement:  Yes.  A lot.  She is REALLY active between 8 and 12.  REALLY ACTIVE.  I love to watch it!  Although, the bigger she gets, the more painful it becomes.

Labor Signs: Nope, nope, nope.  I had a couple of Braxton Hicks a couple of nights in a row, but since then I have been upping my water intake and I haven’t had any since.  It’s nice that I can remember this stage of my first pregnancy and what is real and fake.  Also, how to stave off the fake – that’s very helpful.

Belly Button in or out? It’s actually 3/4 out.

What I miss:  Just the lack of back pain.  It disables me from being in any position too long.  It has gotten pretty bad.  The other day I literally couldn’t function because it hurt so bad.

Weekly Wisdom:  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  If there is pain, there is probably a reason and it very well may be fixable.  On top of that, If your body says it’s getting weary, take a seat – relax!  If your body says that what you’re doing is causing discomfort or pain, STOP!

What I am looking forward to: All I can think about is holding that beautiful baby girl in my arms.  I can’t wait to see and meet this perfect miracle.  I can’t wait for Maya to come walking into the room to meet her baby sister.  I can’t wait to cuddle with my husband and my two baby girls……I mean, seriously, is there ANYTHING better?  I don’t think so.

Milestones:  I know that these can happen anytime in a pregnancy, but for me, Braxton Hicks contractions come at the end.  Having those just kind of brought to the forefront how close to the end of this pregnancy we are!   I’d call that a Milestone…

Fruit/Veggie Size of Baby:  Baby 2 is about the size of a Honeydew Melon: 18 inches and 5.25 pounds.

Sibling and Baby:  This kid is so excited for Baby 2 to come out, it’s just such a blessing to my heart.  And she is such a comforter.  The other day she told me that her baby sister was going to come out soon so that they could play together.  And what she’s been saying lately is that Baby Sister will come out soon so that she doesn’t hurt Mommy anymore.  My girl is just the best little girl in the entire world!

Next Doctor Visit:  October 10th  (Thursday)

And the pictures!  They need no caption (I assume)…..

IMG_8766 IMG_8767