8 Months…..Ish

SO, I know I said my next post was going to be a birthday post…..But, the camera was always upstairs with the SD card in it and I was downstairs with my laptop………Really didn’t want to go up to get it then back down.  HEY – I am pregnant; that is totally acceptable.  I will post that one tomorrow.  Around tomorrow.  Maybe the day after that.  Or at some point this weekend.  Even though it wasn’t up to my standards (I never asked for help and left myself too little time; man, I can’t wait to have my own event planning company and have assistants at my disposal!!), Maya really liked it, and for that I am grateful.  A friend gave me an AMAZING fondant recipe, and I think  I am going to play with that until I can make a really pretty cake.  You’ll see the cake.  Ha.

Anyway, I had my doctor’s appointment today and it was a little confusing.  Two weeks ago the doctor that saw me (our doctor was out of town and we had to see another in the practice) said that I was 31 weeks measuring at 32.  This week he told me that I am 33 weeks measuring at 32, so I am going with 33 since that’s the one that actually changed.  Also, I found out that I am essentially carrying her in my spine.  I remember a couple weeks ago when I put my hand on my back right above my hip where it hurts really bad and saying, “I think it hurts so bad because something is popped out of place, I can feel where it’s popped out.”  Yeah…..That wasn’t my back popped out….That was Baby 2.  The pain gets so bad at times that I can’t move and I end up gasping.  That’s not always, but sometimes.  At least a few times a day.  Anyway, I found out that it hurts so bad because she is being carried against my spine.  Today her spine was laying along my spine and facing out.  He also told me that the reason my ribs hurt more this pregnancy is because she kicks my ribs from the back up and in.  when I made sure that the pains I’ve been having in my stomach were normal, he said yes because of the way I am carrying her, the nerves in my stomach are being stretched more and that at some points it may hurt so much that it goes numb.  Haha.  I haven’t had that yet.  I’m just glad to know what it is!  But they call this position of Baby “Star Gazing.”  That sounds beautiful and sweet, right?  That is a dirty, filthy lie.  Ha.  I am sincerely not complaining.  Telling this story to my Mom earlier today I was laughing about it.  It’s just nice to know why.  He did laugh at me (or maybe with me) when I said, “There’s no way to fix that, is there?”  It’s okay, though, because we are ALMOST THERE.  CRAZY.


How Far Along? 33 Weeks, AKA 8 months and 1 week.

Sex and/or Names:  It’s a GIRL!  Another beautiful Baby girl…Name is picked out – first and middle – but we are waiting to reveal that until the birth….Broke that news to my Mom today and she tried to convince me that she can keep a secret.  Those of you that know my Mom know this:  she can’t keep a secret to save her life.

Total weight gain: I have lost a pound since the last visit, I think, bringing my total to 4 pound weight gain.

Cravings:  This week I want Pumpkin Cheesecake…..Really bad.  So bad that I began making it at 11 at night.  The other night, not tonight.  On Tuesday night I wanted Pumpkin Cheesecake, Bacon and an Orange Julius.  I had an orange Julius and the Bacon and Cheesecake was eaten the next day – along with an Orange Julius.  When I was pregnant the first time I had her at the end of August, so I was pregnant for the hottest summer of the year – really pregnant – and Dave would make me an Orange Julius pretty much every day.  I guess that will be a craving I have at this time of every pregnancy! 🙂

Aversions:  Really, it’s more aversion to the smell of food rather than the food lately.  I have been eating things that it grosses me out to cook/look at/be near, and I can eat it okay, but it leaves me feeling “full” or upset without eating much.  So I guess nothing specific, per say.

Current Diet:   I’m finding it a little hard to get meals in the past couple of days.  I’m just not hungry and I sort of forget to eat.

Showing/How Big:  Of course I’m showing – if I wasn’t that would be a very big problem.  It does seem, though that I will get bigger throughout the day – for real, ask anyone that sees me on a daily basis.  It was a joke in church on Sunday.  I think that’s partially because of how I’m carrying her; that combined with movement that I make pushes her up and out.  I look downright giant on some days!  You should have seen it during the Packer game on Sunday, well you will at the end of this.

Maternity clothes?  It suddenly started to get cold, so I am feeling pretty thankful for the warm shirts that my friend gave me!

Sleep:  I think I’ve been sleeping better.  I am, of course, feeling more tired, but every single pregnant woman in the world feels that way at this stage.  However, I feel like I’ve been getting up less in the middle of the night.

Best moment this week: Best moment……Hmmm…Man I can’t remember much past yesterday, or even today.  I guess I would have to say watching her.  It’s so obvious at this stage, and just this week I have been able to make out body parts.

Movement:  Yes.  A lot.  She is now moving anything that gets near to my stomach.

Labor Signs: Nope, nope, nope.

Belly Button in or out? It’s actually half out.

What I miss:  Just the lack of back pain.  It disables me from being in any position too long.

Weekly Wisdom:  It’s never too early to start discussing your birth plans with your doctor.  That way questions get answered way ahead of time.  And on the line of questions, Ask every question that you have, no matter if you think it sounds stupid.  Ask it anyway and you will get an honest answer.

What I am looking forward to: Everything that is to come.  I don’t think that I can nail down just one thing.  Maya is getting really excited about Baby Sister coming too.

Milestones:  Okay, so that last doctor was wrong.  I have one more two week appointment then it goes to every week.  SO NOW I have only 5 more doctor visits!  Crazy exciting!  🙂  Milestone specific to Baby, I guess that she is growing so steadily that she is now very there.  I can feel her so much.

Fruit/Veggie Size of Baby:  Baby 2 is about the size of a Pineapple: 17 inches and 4.25 pounds.

Sibling and Baby:  Maya is so excited for Baby 2 to get here.  Yesterday she told me that Baby Sister is going to come out so that Maya can help her change her diapers.  Haha.  She is going to be such a loving, doting big sister!  I can’t wait to see them with each other!!

Next Doctor Visit:  September 26th (Thursday)

And the pictures!  They need no caption (I assume)…..

.IMG_8725 IMG_8743 IMG_8746


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