7. 5 Months

So, my last doctor’s appointment was on Maya’s birthday.  She woke up at 6 AM and refused to go back to sleep…..She laid in our bed with us until 8 playing on the Kindle and talking to us.  Then we went down for breakfast where she got a huge slice of birthday cake for breakfast – with candles and everything.  She really liked that (duh)!  Then she and I went to work.  She went down for her nap at 1, but was so hot and sweaty that she only slept about an hour before I came up at 3 to get her up and go to my doctor’s appointment.  Poor thing was SO tired.  In the waiting room she literally laid across my lap the whole time trying to get comfy and sleep.  Then immediately after that appointment she had her very first dentist appointment.  She really likes the waiting room (toys).  Our dentist is awesome and has the slogan, “We cater to cowards”  which I love!  Once we started to walk back there she wasn’t really digging it anymore.  Had to hold both Daddy and Mommy’s hands and cover her eyes with them.  The chair freaked her out a bit at first, but when Maya gets freaked out about things like that, she gets SUPER quiet, looks for something familiar and hangs on to that if she can.  Well, they had Spongebob on the TV in front of her and above her, so that was good, but she was still silent.  wouldn’t open her mouth or talk to anyone.   When the dentist asked her if she could open her mouth she shook her head no and clamped her mouth shut, ha!  So, he spent some time with her, played with her, talked with her and tickled her until she opened her mouth.  She wouldn’t let him get near her mouth so he had to settle for taking a peak into her mouth while it was open.  Took about 15 seconds.  After that we went to Walmart to get her birthday supplies (her birthday party is Sunday and it’s Angry Birds themed – she picked it out) and were there until 6…..Like an hour and a half!  Then we had to go to Walgreens to see Daddy and get a sucker.  At my doctor appointment, my doctor wasn’t there so Maya didn’t get her usual sucker – and it was her birthday!  The suckers at Walgreens are HUGE, so we settled for a box of gummies.  We finally got home at 6:30…….I almost passed out in Walmart.  We couldn’t even get to church, and I am the youth leader!  I felt bad about that, but neither Maya or I could function very well.  We ate our dinner, took our shower then went to bed.  She was asleep as soon as she hit the pillow and I was not far behind.  It was a long day.  A LONG DAY.  But it was good.  She liked being reminded that it was her birthday all day.

This weekend, as I said, is Maya’s birthday party.  In addition to that she is in her first wedding so we have the rehearsal tonight, the wedding tomorrow and in between that Mommy has to finish the party stuff, make the cake, get everything ready and going.  It’s at the church so thankfully I don’t have to go crazy about my house.  But I may have to spend the church service setting up which is a bummer.  SO, today I have to go buy all the food and I am already behind schedule by an hour, so here’s the survey and picture!


How Far Along? 31 Weeks, but measuring at 32…SO, somewhere between 7 months and 3 weeks and 8 months.

Sex and/or Names:  It’s a GIRL!  Another beautiful Baby girl…Name is picked out – first and middle – but we are waiting to reveal that until the birth….Shakes things up a bit, gives a bit of something to look forward to, right?  😉

Total weight gain: About that walking……Yeah, not going to happen.  Too many other things to do!  However, weight gain is…..Honestly, I’m not sure.  I don’t remember what I weighed last time, but I think my weight gain last week was wrong.  I think I gained a total of 5.

Cravings: McDonald’s ice.  Those people at the McD’s here are getting more difficult about fulfilling this request for me.  They never give it to me in the large cup like I ask, I pay for other things every time, and I’ve even offered to pay for a soda and get just the ice, but they still get so annoyed with me….I just want to scream, “HEY, I am pregnant!  Fulfill my cravings now or I will eat you!”  But they may give the wrong message…….I am also working hard to stay off of gluten and eat more regularly.  I don’t really have an appetite.

Aversions:  Really, it’s more aversion to the smell of food rather than the food lately.  I have been eating things that it grosses me out to cook/look at/be near, and I can eat it okay, but it leaves me feeling “full” or upset without eating much.  So I guess nothing specific, per say.

Current Diet:   Just trying to include more protein and healthy things.  No more garbage.  I haven’t been wanting chips or junk lately either.   I’ve been trying to have healthy meats and a veggie (I REALLY enjoy veggies lately.  I mean, I am and always have been a veggie person and my pregnancies just heighten that.) and a gluten-free grain.  I have been falling short on the going gluten free thing and it has been affecting me, so I’m working.  I lack the will power with my cravings sometimes.  Okay, a lot of times.

Showing/How Big:  I would say watermelon size?  I said that to Maya in the store yesterday and she looked concerned, tried to lift my shirt and said, “Here, Mommy, let’s get that watermelon outta dere.”  Haha.  This morning I wasn’t feeling very good and I asked her to pray for my belly and so prayed for the watermelon in it.  Ha!

Maternity clothes?  A der.  My pregnancy Jeans are starting to wear A LOT, but I have still been fitting into my pre-pregnancy pants as long as I roll the waist over so I get to wear those!  Yeah!

Sleep: Almost none.  My back hurts something awful and I have to pee a lot.  Plus it’s been HOT, but a friend of ours just GAVE us a AC unit….GAVE IT TO US…How awesome is that?  SO I can keep it nice and cold in the bedroom.  The lack of sleep I mind because I am tired, but I don’t because it means she is almost here! 🙂  I should say, though, that I am probably getting much more than I realize because I am going down earlier than usual but still waking at the same time.  My body knows what it’s doing, I’m convinced.

Best moment this week: Hmm…..This week….Baby 2 has been very responsive to me in a good way, and that is pretty exciting!  She has been shoving her whole body into/onto one side of my body when I stand so that when I sit it’s pretty uncomfortable.  So I will gently push her and instantly she listens to her mum.

Movement:  Yes.  Every time I move she readjusts herself, usually to make it more uncomfortable for her Mommy, haha.  She has started with the hiccups, and those are always fun to feel!

Labor Signs: Nope, nope, nope.

Belly Button in or out? In but depending on how her or I sit, it sticks out a little.

What I miss:  Sitting, sleeping or laying down comfortably.  That’s really all.  I’m not losing much by being pregnant! 🙂

Weekly Wisdom:  When your back hurts badly, try getting on your hands and knees on your bed (I suppose any other surface would work too) for a bit a couple different times.  That will force Baby to readjust or move.  When you feel that pain at your tail bone area, often it means that their face/head is pressed against it which is why it’s so painful….I learned that…..At the doctor’s….

What I am looking forward to: So many things…And not all of them have to do with Baby 2…Maya is in her first wedding this weekend, her third birthday is Sunday, Niece’s birthday is in two weeks, SIL is going to give birth right after me, but most of all, as it gets closer to my due date I start looking more and more through Maya’s pictures from when she was born; so that – I am looking forward so very much to that.  To being able to hold, hug, squeeze and kiss that beautiful baby.  To find out if her hair will be blonde like Mommy’s or dark dark dark like Daddy’s and Big Sister’s.  To see if she will be more pale than dark.  To have her look at me, hear my voice and know she’s home.  That new baby smell!  OH!  Do you remember that???  I can’t wait to just be with her.  Awesome.

Milestones:  I thought the last milestone was crazy – I have one more two week appointment then it moves to every week…..Do you realize what that means???  ONLY 5 MORE APPOINTMENTS……Just give me a moment…..I need to let that sink in…..HOLY CRAP!  So, you know all that stuff I said above?  TOTALLY still true (you know in the 30 seconds it took from writing that to writing this), but knowing how soon I will be giving birth (I really don’t want her to be born on Halloween, so I am believing it will be sooner!)  is crazy and a little terrifying……But in a good way!

Fruit/Veggie Size of Baby:  Baby 2 is about the size of a Coconut (that seems smaller than a squash, doesn’t it?); 16 inches and 3 1/3 pounds!

Big Sibling and Baby:  I may have confused Maya a bit.  We were in Walmart on her birthday (if you don’t skip to the questionnaire portion, you know what an exhausting day that was) and she wanted me to bend down to get something.  I said, “Maya, Mom can’t bend down that far – she has a watermelon in her belly.”  “A watermelon?”  I laughed, “No sweety, I don’t really have a watermelon in there.  It’s your baby sister, but sometimes Mom feels like it’s the size of a watermelon.”  She tries to lift up my shirt and says, “C’mon, Mommy.  We have to get that watermelon outta dere.”  The next morning I wasn’t feeling very good and I asked her to pray over my stomach.  “God, thank you for Mommy’s belly and get the watermelon out.”  then she pushed out her stomach as far as she could and said, “Look Mommy, I have a watermelon too!  We match!”  Later that night she told Daddy about the watermelon in Mom’s stomach…….So, Sorry Baby 2…You have been made into a watermelon!

Next Doctor Visit:  September 11th (No matter when or where I hear that date, I still think of the September 11 attacks)….


And the picture!

7.5 Months Left 7.5 Months Right


Next week is going to be a birthday party post!  See you soon! 🙂

One thought on “7. 5 Months

  1. You are such a good mommy Maureen….this blog is so cool—I love it. Maya is such a precious little jewel…and will be a great big sister! We love y’all ❤


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