Dear Nesting,

I love you so very dearly.  The energy you provide me is SOOO appreciated…..The amount of cleaning I get to do is super exciting!   And don’t even get me started on organizing – pure happiness…..That being said, could you maybe kick in a little earlier in the day…..Like say noon….9 AM…..2 PM……Just not at 9 at night until 1:30 in the morning….I mean, don’t get me wrong, grateful, Party of one RIGHT HERE…..I just think you need a little help and constructive criticism…..

With much love and devotion,


It’s finally here – my favorite stage of pregnancy. It hit right after I put Maya down last night (you should see my beautiful, BEAUTIFUL fridge!!).  I remember it coming quickly with my first without question and I just HAD to start moving and doing stuff, but it wasn’t that way this time.  I have been meaning to do my kitchen floors for like a week now and I put it off and put it off.  But my husband is out-of-town until late tomorrow night so I decided to just suck it up and do it.  Once I started, I could turn it off!  I was exciting and fun and at 12:37 AM, I had to force myself to stop.  It was 4 blissful hours of cleaning and rearranging the downstairs……….SO I went upstairs and do you know what I found????  Things to clean and organize – YAY!!  But there’s only so much I could do up there without waking my babe in her room, so I could only spend an hour doing that in our bedroom.   Then I put in a movie (because I need to fall asleep with something while my beloved is away – Pride and Prejudice, PERFECT) and laid down……………..Annnnnnd thought of all the fun things I would do the next day after Maya goes down.   I am so excited to begin!!   Tonight is upstairs in Dave’s room/guest room. I have to prep for my Mom to come, and it should be habitable anyway.   It was supposed to be both of our offices plus a guest room but somehow he took up the room with three huge tables and his 7 million computers!  Of course, he is gone, so he may be a little concerned when he gets back tomorrow.  At least I have the fall back of, “Hey, I’m pregnant and nesting, I can’t help it.  Plus, if you say you hate it, my hormones are such that I will curl into a ball and weep for hours as I rock back and forth.  And not that loud annoying weeping – the kind of weeping that is silent as my face becomes contorted and every time you look at me you feel a little piece of you break apart……Yeah, pregnancy weeping is just that powerful.”  He’ll get over it, I promise!  PLUS, he tore down my back deck 3 months ago and it’s still missing….We are even, right?   After work tomorrow I have no church and nothing pressing so Maya is going to help me vacuum upstairs and do the upstairs bathroom.  I can’t wait!!  This weekend it’s going through the downstairs closet and organizing PLUS, putting up shelves in Maya’s room and the downstairs closet and the living room for her books.

Nothing like nesting!   I have noticed, though, that this time around my mood swings are much more………Swingier.  Mostly with the dog.  She makes me CRAZY.  I mean like CA-RAZY, and then I immediately feel bad for being angry with her and want to be calm.  Turns out, dogs like you to pay attention to them (I know, right – who knew????).   Dave is usually here bombarding her with it so that task doesn’t usually fall to me.  Until he leaves for 4 days.

Also, Baby 2 has been rolling around soo much today, it’s AWESOME!  I could make out her shoulder and everything.  She’s making a nest of her own in there.

To conclude, Daddy, we are SOOOO ready for you to come home now!!

On my way to nest.  Sticks and EVERYTHING!

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