Wow…Third trimester ALREADY!

Those first two trimesters REALLY seemed to fly by!  We have recently started actively potty training Maya….We bought her a potty chair about 7 months ago and she was really excited about it for a while and she did really well.  Then one day about a month and a half later declared that she doesn’t want to go on the potty anymore…That lasted until about two months ago when we got Skittles and Snickers as an incentive; when she peed on the potty she got 5 Skittles, and when she did the other she got a Snickers Mini (Dave thought that was a little gross, haha).  She did that REALLY well for about a month.  But she never really asked to go potty – it was still us asking her, or when she saw the Skittles bag she would tell us she wanted to go potty.  Anyway, Dave thought that the best way to do potty training by just putting her in underwear and letting her go in that.  I didn’t want to because I thought it would be too messy.  A couple of days later I get a text from my sister-in-law saying that my niece was 3 days accident free…..I asked her how she did it, and it was by doing Dave’s idea, ha!  So we are trying that.  When I’m with her, no accidents ( I ask her a lot if she has to go potty and then when I stop asking she tells me that she has to go), but Daddy is having a harder time (he forgets to take her to the potty and to ask her).  So, it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out!

She is just great, and she is going to be such a huge help with Baby 2.  She’s been more cuddly with Mom too – that is AWESOME!  When we were at our doctor’s appointment yesterday she said (about the doctor), “I love him.”  And who wouldn’t love a guy who gives you suckers every time he sees you??  Speaking of doctors, I will start the survey! 🙂

How Far Along? 25 weeks….6 months and 1 week…

Sex and/or Names:  It’s a GIRL!  Another beautiful Baby girl…No names yet…Although now I am on N in the book – There are 8 that I like…I’m pretty sure that Dave doesn’t agree with me on most!

Total weight gain
: BOO….I have now gained weight…It’s been 5 weeks since I was last seen and I gained 9 pounds since then, bringing my weight gain total to 2 pounds….:(  I know – it was unrealistic to hope I wouldn’t gain any, but I was..

Cravings: Actually, salads…Last night I wanted a taco really bad, but that was just a one time thing…I want nothing heavy…This happened around the same time with Maya…Must be a third trimester thing (that’s right – almost done!!)  Sour cream is another thing that I have been wanting.

Aversions:  I can eat eggs now, but I don’t particularly want them. Chicken is gross, but I’ll eat Salami.  Beef is horrible.  Liquid dairy is also a no go.

Current Diet:  So…I veered off the gluten-free thing a little…I haven’t been able to get my gluten-free bread, so I’ve been eating some of the regular bread (I know, I know), and what else have I been eating……….Hmmm…Seriously drawing a blank here…I guess sandwiches and veggies…..OH!  Snap peas with Italian Dressing…..SO GOOD.

Showing/How Big:  I am big….Not doubt that I am pregnant now!  It’s probably about the size of an exaggerated basketball…:)

Maternity clothes?  Of course!   A duh!  I am definitely going to need to get some more pants for September/October….I was not this pregnant in cold weather with Maya…It was all hot summer and my clothes are reflective of that…Now I need big pregnant girl clothes…I had just bought a maternity shirt for work and I thought I was buying it kind of big….It’s a little tight now….Good thing I bought an even bigger maternity shirt….

Sleep: More now…It’s cooling off a bit and I can sleep a lot easier…But, I have to wake up every couple of hours to roll over….Other than that, I am actually sleeping…So YAY…

Best moment this week: What was the best moment?  How about the best moment since I last did this?  I have no idea…She is moving more forcefully now and that feeling makes me  giggle, so that, I guess…But I don’t want to keep saying that over and over, so I’ll come back to this later….Okay, so technically this is a movement thing, but I saw her really move  on the outside of my body for this first time this week…

Movement: STRONG movement….She is a force that one!  The other day I felt two of my ribs move under the pressure of Baby 2, haha….That was an interesting experience…She has been laying across the width of my stomach up high under my ribs…It’s so neat!  I can almost pick out which end is which!

Labor Signs: Nope, nope, nope.  A duh…More cramping….The past few days if I sit up straight to fast I can feel it right below my belly – like a really sharp cramp…Soon, soon, soon!

Belly Button in or out? Back to fully in – no more almost out….It must have been the way that she was sitting….

What I miss:  Being in the mood for any food at any time….Now, though there is no morning sickness, there are certain foods that I used to love that make me a little nauseous to think of eating….Pictures at a restaurant are hard to see, haha….So nothing big….The only bad part of pregnancy for me (when I was pregnant with Maya too) was the morning sickness and now that that’s done it’s all gravy!  Being pregnant is actually pretty fun! 🙂

Weekly Wisdom:  Don’t compare the two pregnancies (if you were pregnant previously) or to other people’s pregnancies for that matter…There are some things, especially pertaining to work, that are harder this time around and I find myself still trying to get it done because I could do it last time….And then I think about people who I know of (like my mom) that worked insane hours right until birth…With Maya I was able to work 40+ hours every week and while at work I was able to do all amounts of work – heavy lifting, strenuous, whatever….Now….It’s a little hard to sweep the coffee shop after hours, haha….So, Just don’t expect and demand of yourself to do what you were able to do last time around….

What I am looking forward to: Uhhh….Maternity leave, haha….I can’t wait to spend 3 blissful whole months holding my newborn babe and cuddling with my adorable perfect toddler…..At the SAME time…. 🙂

Milestones:  Ummm….Milestones….I have only one more doctor appointment before it moves to every two weeks instead of every 4…That’s all I’ve got so far for that..

Big Sibling and Baby:  Maya is getting more excited about baby sibling….Not so much about feeling baby, but I think that will change when she actually feels a significant movement…She hasn’t yet…But she gets more involved when we are talking about how much she is going to help and be a help…I like to tell her the different ways that she’ll be able to help me with baby and with the house and she gets excited about that…

Next Doctor Visit:  August 15th….It’s three weeks from my last appointment because there was 5 between the previous two….After that it’s every two weeks!!!!  WOW!!!  Did I mention, SOON, SOON, SOON???

6 Month picture enclosed……IMG_8481

Baby Number TWO!

Soooo…..I meant to start this about 4 months ago…I didn’t…This pregnancy has been so drastically different from the last one that I feel like I am learning all over again about being pregnant…Want a story?  I am going to tell you one whether you like it or not…….

So we were (and by we I mean I) was planning a trip to Disney World for the Heet family (party of three – Dave, Maya and me) and the Stokes (family of 5)…I spent weeks on it – WEEKS…Researching everything: rent a house or stay on site, rent a car or hoof it everywhere, how many rooms are required, meal plan or grocery trips, etc….I wrote up spreadsheets that included savings plans (by month) according to 4 different trip options…There were a couple of nights/mornings that I stayed up until 5 AM finishing it….The morning I finished I was up until 6; I was SOO proud of the work (I mean, those spreadsheets looked GOOD), and I couldn’t wait to show it to Dave!  He looked at it for about 5 minutes and said, “We can’t go to Disney World, you know that right?”  This came after me asking him a week in if he was sure that we were doing this because I didn’t want to put so much work into something that would end up being pointless…And he said that yes he really wanted to go and we would be going….SOOO…..After he told me that we weren’t going we talked for a bit and he offered a GENIUS way to both make me feel better and that was infinitely better….”Well, if we’re going to try for a baby,” he said, “we shouldn’t waste all that money on a big trip.  We should save up for the baby.”  He is a sly one, that husband of mine…I think he offered it up because I was upset, but I was not going to let him get out of it that easily!  He went back and forth between wanting that and not for about a week and then thought of another compromise…I know, my husband is a mastermind, right?  We would start trying January 1st 2013…A new year a new addition, right?  I should note that the DW planning was completed at the end of November 2012…

SOO….I downloaded an app on my Kindle to keep track of all of my cycles and I began planning (I can’t help doing it with EVERYTHING – that’s what I do!) actively while Dave thought we were going to passively wing it…Much like Baby Heet number 1…Ha…He really should know better after 6 years of marriage and 10 years together…Christmas came and went, New Years came and went…I took two tests in January both negative (duh)…I started to talk myself down so I wouldn’t get excited and convinced myself I forgot about it…Man, good acting skills on my part – I almost actually forgot!  Anyway…I was at work about the second to last week in February Talking with Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka-Kayla about how many people I knew that were pregnant (which was up to 9), and she had been vying for a pregnant me since November…Well, probably before November…It was at that point that I started to count backwards…She also did the math and we realized it was about 5 weeks since I had a period…GASP…I, again (I know, the skills – good glory), convinced us that I had the dates messed up and I wasn’t really pregnant…I came home waited until 10:30 PM for Dave to get home from work and talked to him about it and I told him that I’d take a test but it’d probably be negative and he agreed but suggested I take one anyway…I took the test and went back downstairs to go about my business….About 10 minutes later Dave asked what it said to which I replied that I had no idea…I had sort of forgotten about it (really this time)…So he checked…The next thing I heard was, “So how accurate are these things anyway?”  I told him usually pretty accurate….He said, “Well, then according to this……You’re pregnant…”  It may not sound like it, but it was kind of hard to tell if he was excited or not….And so started our journey….

I had a doctor’s appointment exactly one week later and the following week I had to leave town for 6 weeks to do training for Biggby Coffee (the company I work for opened a Biggby Store here and I was being brought on as a manager of sorts, so the owner and I had to undergo said training 4-5 days a week 5.5 hours away downstate)…Something funny about being two months pregnant (yeah, it was not long into January when we conceived), morning sickness tends to strike….Wanna know what triggered my morning sickness?  The smell of coffee….Ohhhh….It was a delightful 6 weeks….I was away from my toddler, and my husband, throwing up several times a day and unable to endure the smell that permeated everything.…Add to that super little sleep…I was never so pleased to see a time come to an end!  When we got home from training I was 4 months pregnant and we began the opening procedures for Biggby….I didn’t have time to do anything!  THEN Biggby opened and I began working 6-7 days a week and didn’t have time to do anything let alone this….Now that Biggby has been open for almost 2 months, things have calmed down, become more routine and I am nearly 6 months pregnant!  WOW!

Reading back over this, it sounds a lot negative, but I really do enjoy being pregnant….I’m just tired and uncomfortable, but all I have to do is reach down and put my hand on my stomach to feel this amazing miracle move, or just to feel her still and everything is right again…

So, I decided to do the survey schtick…I was going to do a different survey, but really I couldn’t find any that I liked….SO…Here we go! Also, pictures of the progression of my pregnant belly!  🙂

How Far Along? 23 weeks….5 months and 3 weeks…

Sex and/or Names:  It’s a GIRL!  Another beautiful Baby girl…No names yet…I have only gotten to E in the baby name book – thank God I throw NOTHING away! 🙂

Total weight gain
: NONE, ha!  I’ve lost 7….With Maya at this time my weight gain was at 3, so I consider that an improvement…I NEEDED to lose weight anyway…What better time to get healthy, right?

Cravings: At the moment, nothing….When I was first pregnant, I wanted nothing….The thought of eating food made me sick….Eating food also made me sick…Then I wanted tuna…Honestly, I ate it….More than I was supposed to…Then became shamed and stopped eating it…Then I wanted Pickles…Seriously…I ate about a jar a week for about three weeks…Okay, that’s quite the exaggeration…At least 2 jumbo pickles a day and only Claussen pickles (don’t believe the adds – all other pickles suck)…Also, pickle juice on pizza….DELISH…Now I don’t really want anything…I am doing a lot of the McDonald’s Ice again….Also Dr. Pepper….But I don’t really want any food.

Aversions:  I want nothing to do with meat, eggs or dairy….All gross….Seriously, the thought of it makes me queasy….

Current Diet:  Because I didn’t really want anything I wasn’t eating much…Turns out being pregnant with an empty stomach feels an awful lot like morning sickness…So then I just started eating what was available, which, more often than not, was food that was loaded with gluten or loaded with fat/grease…Breads and seasonings, potato chips, etc…I was even eating Ramen Noodles too, but at least had common sense enough to stay away from all other pastas….I started to feel like total crap because DUH, not supposed to eat that stuff…I made a decision to start eating better not only for my health, but also for Baby #2…Right now my diet consists of a ton of veggies and fruits and Gluten Free homemade sandwiches…

Showing Since:  I have been showing since month 2ish…Only a bit, and really I just looked fat because of the clothes I was wearing…However, because I was essentially retaining nothing in terms of sustenance/food, I was losing weight and I could see my pregnant belly… 🙂

Maternity clothes? Yes, but to be fair, I never really stopped wearing maternity clothes…Pants anyway…Hey, have you ever worn them?  Then don’t judge!  It’s like wearing fancy sweatpants everyday and in public!  Blissful *sigh*…  🙂  A friend of mine gave me some maternity tops of hers as well to add to my collection…I really love to show off my belly!  🙂  Well, I like to see it, anyway…Just don’t touch it….Ever… 🙂

Sleep: I am no longer sleeping comfortably.  But, I don’t know that I really have at all this pregnancy…Now, though, it’s so freaking hot in our room that I can’t get comfortable!  I have a pain right above my left hip on my back too that I don’t remember having with Maya…

Best moment this week: Umm…All the weeks have run together….But I’ve gotta say that feeling her move will never cease to amaze me…A month ago (hey, I can use a month ago – no one knows anything about those first 5 months) we saw the ultrasound and saw it was a girl…We also had the opportunity to see how different our two kids are already…Baby #2 was docile, but she did not  like the ultrasound….wand….thing in her space, much like her older sister…

Movement: Lots of movement by our little girl.  I have been feeling her movement for about two months now…Dave also felt her around the same time…THAT was exciting!  There are times I can actually feel her jumping off of my bladder…It actually makes me giggle…It tickles a bit…Ha

Labor Signs: Nope, nope, nope.  A duh…Some pains in my stomach that I didn’t remember having with Maya, but the good doc reminded me that I most likely did…It’s baby growing…Ha…Did I feel silly!

Belly Button in or out? In, but almost out…She sits rather high a lot…Pretty much right on top of my rib cage…

What I miss: I don’t really miss much…I hang out with Maya when I am out of work, but I am quite tired a lot…Which makes me a little cranky…Sometimes a lot cranky…The tired though may not entirely be from pregnancy…Could be from eating bad and lack of sleep…But that’s about it…sleep…

Weekly Wisdom:  Sleep when you can…If you have a child that takes naps, take a nap at the same time…Don’t try to get a bunch of stuff done while they sleep…Wait until your spouse comes home and have them watch your child while you get some stuff done…Or put it off until you have energy…I promise, that boost of energy will come soon!

What I am looking forward to: That burst of energy that begins the nesting phase…I remember that when I was pregnant the first time and I got SOO much done!  Dave and I are actually making a list of things that need to be done in and around the house…I can’t wait to begin…I’m getting more days off at work which means more rest and more time to get it done…SO exciting!  And I have a helper this time around! 🙂  Also, not that this baby will know what’s happening, we are very much looking forward to our vacation in Higgins Lake next week with Grandma Marilyn and her family!  It’s fun when we go there…AND relaxing, so that’s for this baby, right?  🙂

Milestones:  Huh…Can’t think of any…It’s all milestones…That’s what comes of getting to this point of the survey at midnight…If I think of one, I’ll get back to you… 🙂

Big Sibling and Baby:  Maya enjoys to “wake up” baby…I did that once so that Maya could feel her move and now she will come up to my belly and shake her and poke at her…Tonight she talked to my belly and told “baby sisser” that she loved her and she also prays for her at night…She’s got the big sister thing DOWN….She is going to ROCK IT…Also, a big plus:  she is no longer using her play saw and sawing into her baby dolls or using her hammer to pound on them or using her screwdriver to fix them….Really, she was doing that in February…Now she feeds her babies, swaddles them, makes sure they are warm and comfy and cuddles with them; she’s got this!

Next Doctor Visit:  Thursday (always a Thursday, we have a new OB this time and the whole family loves him…We liked Maya’s doctor too, but this one has my sense of humor and is very informative…But they are both pretty awesome.) July 25…

The blue and white stripped shirt is at 2.5 months…The Blue dress is at 3 months…The pink and orange stripped is at 4 months and the Packer shirt is at 5 months…After my next doctor visit I will post my 6 month picture….

3 Months 4 Months 5 Month Packers