Wowsa….It’s been a LONG time!

So….I have had a hankering to start this blog again….

Let me give you all an update….Our daughter, Maya Lyn, was born at 3:06 AM on August 28, 2010….

On Saturday afternoon, August 21, my contractions started….We called my mom just to let her know what was happening….By around 6 PM they got to be 8 minutes apart, and we told my mom we’d keep her posted….She was so worried that she might miss it that she called me back to say that they would be on their way…They got to our house by about 3 AM Sunday morning….Poor Bruce had to leave by noon the next morning, but my mom was staying for the week – it was intended that I was going to have Maya on Sunday and my momsy would spend the week with the three of us…..INTENDED….We took some walks Sunday all day, I bounced on balls, etc…Dave had to close that night, So it was just my mom and I at the house….We tried to do everything to induce labor – we walked around the block, came home, walked to the store, I insisted that I carry the heavy bags, came home, bounced on the ball and gave up….I let my mom take a nap (after all she had she barely slept)…While she napped the contractions increased, my dad called and talked to me while I tried to breath through the contractions….My mom woke up and decided we were heading out….We called Dave, he headed home, we went to the hospital…..It was a false alarm, but they kept me overnight and would let me go until afternoon the next day…My poor Mommy had to hang out at our apartment all by herself….

So, my Mom and I hung out the whole week….We had fun, we went to the Farmer’s market, prayed for Maya to come out, watched movies, talked, laughed A LOT, and talked with Mandy who was also close to labor….And dilated more than I was (even though she had two more weeks to go – she was at 3, I was at 2), haha!  Wednesday we talked with my doctor and we decided that I would be induced on Friday, August 27….We went in at 7 AM, got that teeny tiny cervix-thinning pill at 8 with little change….And again at noon….At about 11:30 the contractions started coming…..By 2 they were pretty intense….I sat in the shower there with the hot water hitting my back (so nice!) while Dave sat just outside and held/rubbed my hand – what a great husband I have!  He bounced on the birthing ball with me through contractions, rubbed my back and really was there with me through and for EVERYTHING….

My mom was AWESOME…She gave me foot rubs, held my hand and never left my side…..I have the world’s best mom!!!  At about 6, the contractions were intense but I wasn’t dilating any and my doctor came in to check on me and said that he didn’t think there would be a baby before Monday (I was very firm on that I did NOT want my water broken unless it happened on its own), he gave me something for the contractions…During one of our walks around the OB ward we had to keep stopping for contractions, and our last lap just before we went back into the room, my water broke, and an hour or so later the pain stuff started to knock me out between contractions – I only woke up during contractions – who wouldn’t?  Once my water broke, the contractions got MUCH closer together and I was moving right along!  I was a little bummed that they gave me the pain stuff for the contractions because they didn’t take away any pain – I was awake for the pain and slept through the calm times when I could have been talking and being with my family…I would wake up for a contraction and on the rare occasion someone wasn’t by my side, I would call out and my mom or Dave would be there in an instant….

At about 11 PM my step-dad, Bruce got there, and I remember quite a few times waking up and he was by my side and he would let me squeeze his hand through a contraction….I remember very distinctly that there were tears in his eyes – he doesn’t like to see anyone he cares about in pain…He told me the next day that I was the most polite person in labor he’d ever seen because when a contraction would come and no one was there I would say, “Can someone please come hold my hand.”  Haha….Glad to see I kept my wits about me….The other reason I am disappointed that they gave me stuff is because I hadn’t eaten anything all day, I was already tired so I was SO asleep that I remember nothing but the contractions….Anyway….At about 1 AM I was at 8 and I went into the tub for about 45 minutes….Dave, of course, came right in there with me! 🙂  When I tried to get out, I thought I was going to pass out and then realized that, no, wait – I had to throw up…..Guess who was at 10!!  I made it back to the room at about 2 AM….I tried to go through the labor on the birthing chair, but I have no idea how anyone can do that!  Anyway, at 3:06 AM Maya entered the world!

I made it through the WHOLE thing without really anything….They gave me the stuff at 6 to try to slow down/ease the contractions and that is all that I had….And you know what?  It wasn’t that bad…..Really…What I remember being bad was the stitching up afterwards, nothing else was that bad – and I was only awake for the painful parts….There’s a bit of truth for those of you pregnant or wanting to be pregnant – NOT THAT BAD… 🙂

Sadly, my mom and Bruce had to leave Sunday….SO SAD!  They were at the hospital all day Saturday and until they had to leave Sunday…We had a few visitors in the hospital and we went home on Monday…Maya was a little jaundiced so she had to get her foot poked pretty much once a week – Saddest thing EVER….The first time it happened, I was in the corner far from her crying while Dave sat right next to her holding her hand and soothing her – are you sensing a pattern here?  I am – My husband= awesome and comforter!  🙂  He took the first week of Maya’s life off of work and I didn’t have to change one single diaper that whole week – did I mention how AWESOME my husband is??  Her jaundice was gone after a month and she was able to stop wearing the Billi Rubin light at about 2 weeks…

Days went into weeks which went into months (I kid you not, in the first 6 months of her life I had over 1000 pictures and over 400 videos!!) which led into a year….GASP!  She slept on my chest on the living room couch for the first month and a half of her life…Usually it was I fell asleep nursing her, woke up a little while later, put her in her bassinet, she slept for two hours, nursed for one and repeat…It was so sweet and nice but I was ready to sleep in my bed again….In October I started sleeping in the bedroom again with the bassinet RIGHT next to the bed…When she woke up to nurse she came in bed with me and usually stayed there until morning – nursing on and off…

Her first time sleeping through the night was at 4 months…First smile was at one and a half months, laughed out loud at 5 months, rolled side to side at 3 months and 4 days later rolling all the way over, at 5 months sat up by herself, crawling 7 1/2 months, first word was “Daddy” at 7 months, First steps at 11 months, fully walking by 12 months, running at 13 months….Maya’s first birthday was VERY special….It was pink lady bug themed…She had one in Marquette and one in Sault Ste. Marie – they were GREAT!  🙂  Now she knows 75 words!!!!  She is SOO smart!!

We are so much more in love than we could have ever imagined….She is so very perfect, and I think I may be ready for another!  🙂  But, shhhh – don’t tell Dave!

In other news, I went back to work November 2010 and had a number of babysitters, but the one that stayed was a girl named Kayla  – she goes to our church…She and her family have been a constant in Maya’s life, and eventually in ours….We have become VERY close with them – my husband is now very good friends with their son, I with their daughter-in-law and daughter and mom….Dave is on the worship team at church playing the drums and working at Walgreens still…He is on his VERY LAST semester at Lake State and come May will get his BS in Computer Technology – I am SO VERY proud of him!   I left K-Mart December 17, 2011 – 3 1/2 years after my start date….I now work for the Maleports (our babysitter’s family) at their home as an Administrative Assistant for their Construction business and I get to bring Maya with me….EVERY DAY….It doesn’t get better than that!  The only people we hang out with are the Maleports – all of them, and it is AWESOME!  🙂  Right after I had Maya I lost a good amount of weight, but I have gained it all back and then some….I have decided that I am tired of feeling unhealthy and tired of not finding clothes that fit, so I am joining Weight Watchers with some friends and am going to exercise….This weight is COMING OFF!

That is all I have for now….As usual, enjoy the pictures that follow! 🙂  In order:  The day Maya was born, Maya at 6 months, Maya at her first birthday party on her first birthday and the last two were our 2011 Christmas portraits…

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