36 weeks…That’s right – 2 weeks further than we thought!!

So, it may seem like there is a month between my blogs, but I promise there’s not; we are just having a baby sooner than expected!  It’s so crazy that in around a month, we will have a darling, loving baby girl in our home to occupy all of our time and our every thought.  Wow.  I just sat here and let that sink in, and again I say, wow.  I cannot wait to meet her and love on her.  It’s all becoming so suddenly real.  My husband is COMPLETELY excited and talks to her so much more now.  We just can’t wait to be parents! 🙂    Also, now that we are at 36 weeks, our doctor visits are weekly, so these will be done every week.  Approximately 4 more of these (can I interject to say, HOLY CRAP)…….Again I say WOW.

How Far Along? 36 weeks exactly (I just wrote 46 weeks accidentally – haha…)

Total weight gain
: So, two weeks ago I reported a weight gain of 13 pounds.  Since then I have managed to lose 5 pounds (it seems impossible to me, especially since my stomach seems to have gotten so huge, and I’m pretty sure that she’s out of room…), making my total weight gain 8 pounds.  Woot!

Cravings: Potato chips and salads.  It’s been too hot to eat things that are “heavy” (that’s probably the cause for the weight loss), and it’s also too hot for me to be hungry.  So, I haven’t REALLY been craving anything, but what I find myself eating lately is potato chips and salads.

Maternity clothes? Even some of my maternity clothes are getting tight – just two items.  🙂  But my favorite maternity denim skirt is coming apart at the top of the band; that makes me so sad!

Sleep: No.  It’s that simple.  My back hurts a lot, and when I lay on my side, my stomach has started to hurt.  But, today we got a new glider chair, and it’s pretty comfy; that may become my new bed for the next few weeks. 🙂

Best moment this week: We heard her hiccup in the doctor’s office today.  That was pretty special!  We had never heard it before.  Of course, it doesn’t sound like an adult hiccup, but it was precious and adorable just the same! 🙂

Movement: YES.  The last couple of days she has been a little more subdued, but today she was even moving around while I was at work.  This whole day she has been VERY active, and I love every minute of it! 🙂  It does feel like she’s out of room, though because my stomach is one solid mass, and I seemingly feel EVERYTHING.  🙂

Labor Signs: Nope, nope, nope.

Belly Button in or out? She is starting to push it out.  It looks a little weird, especially when I pull on my sides even a little, it just pops out.

What I miss:  Um……..Sleeping?  Breathing normal?  Being comfortable?  I guess that’s really it.

Weekly Wisdom:  I have none this week.  Except maybe to say that as you’re nesting and getting a little crazy with the cleaning and the moving, pace yourself.  If the fumes are strong, take a few breaks.  It will get done eventually, plus, the more time it takes, the faster time will pass.

What I am looking forward to: Holding her in our arms.  Now that it is so close and so real, I just want to cuddle her.  It’s hard to think of anything else.

Milestones:   Looking up lamaz (sp?) classes and birthing classes.  Also, today we put a stroller/car seat combo and a play pen/bassinet combo on layaway.  Those are pretty big milestones for us!  Maybe not in terms of baby Maya, but it definitely makes it a lot closer!

Enclosed is the weekly picture.  Can you see the HUGE growth from two weeks ago??  She’s almost here! 🙂

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