Week 9 with the flu…Not a good time…

Well, this blog is just going to be the survey and a picture because I’m pretty sure that I have the flu, or am at least at the tail end of it.  It started last Tuesday night, and Wednesday I had to call off of work.  So, for the past three days my couch, the toilet and I have become wonderful friends.  Although, I don’t know how I feel about the toilet just yet……

How Far Along? 9 weeks today.  Or, by my new OB that didn’t give an ultrasound, 10 weeks tomorrow.

Total weight gain
: I haven’t weighed myself since last Saturday, and I was the same as my last post.  None gained or lost.

Cravings: Toast.  Mostly because it doesn’t really have a scent, and my mother-in-laws homemade cranberry banana jam is amazing!

Maternity clothes? None yet, but my stomach is starting to show, I think.  This could be just because of the flu and the pressure the sickness is putting on my stomach, but I have to wear my gaucho pants that basically don’t have a waistline.  It feels like I’m not wearing anything at all, and that is sooo nice!

Sleep: The past couple of days I have slept on the couch, and that can be a little uncomfortable, but I think I’m getting more sleep.  I don’t think I’m getting up in the middle of the night as much, just waking up to switch sides.

Best moment this week: Finding a really great website that has videos of a few different types of birth and the stage of the baby.  It’s a tad more real, and I must say, I am now a little freaked out about the birth.  Not scared, just freaked out.  I feel like I should buy those women a dinner after seeing so much of them.

Movement: From stomach to throat to mouth to toilet, yes.  I have finally thrown up.  Man, is that disgusting.

Labor Signs: Nope, nope, nope.  There should be sections of this survey for the different trimesters.

Belly Button in or out? Still definitely in.

What I miss: Now, I miss cooking.  Found out a few days ago that I can no longer tolerate the scent of ANYTHING cooking.  That makes this a little more difficult.

What I am looking forward to: My next ultrasound when we get to hear the baby’s heartbeat – Feb. 4! 🙂

Weekly Wisdom:  If you have to throw up, just do it.  Don’t try to stop it or hold it back because then you’ll just feel worse.

Milestones:  Huh.  I think maybe a little to early to have it be anything other than my first ultrasound.