8 weeks – 2 months already! :)

How Far Along? 8 weeks today….Or, by my new OB that didn’t give an ultrasound, 9 weeks tomorrow.

Total weight gain
: 4 pounds lost since Christmas Eve…WOO…Maybe that’s because I can’t stomach to eat anything?

Cravings: I really want vegetables and fruit lately.  But today I just wanted a piece of toast and yogurt.  That hit the spot perfectly.  Mostly, just clean fresh things that don’t make me want to vomit.

Maternity clothes? None yet, but my stomach is bloating, so I have to wear my bigger shirts and pants.  Soon, I suspect.

Sleep: More than I did even last week.  I have to toss and turn and switch sides to find any hope of sleep, and I am getting up lots to use…..The facilities, but strangely, I feel like I’m sleeping more.

Best moment this week: Finding the only OB in my area that my insurance covers.  Meaning, I have a regular doctor! 🙂

Movement: Does the gurgling of my stomach count??

Labor Signs: Ha!  No, but I did have a dream the other night that I gave birth now and our baby didn’t cry or eat or fill her diaper so we worried that she might not be okay, but she was breathing normally and slept constantly.  Because I didn’t expect to give birth for another 5 months, we didn’t have any diapers or food or clothes or anything.  While I was at the store picking up those items and working at said store, my husband called me and said that he had to go into work, so I would have to bring the baby to class with me.  While I fretted about bringing the baby to class, I ended up on a beach where I ran into my cousins, Erin and Beth.  There was a man following us and we got rid of him by throwing a stick far out into the water from the dock we appeared on.  After that, Beth and I headed back to our apartment (Beth lived above Dave and I) as I told her about bringing my baby to class with me.  Beth informed me that I couldn’t do that and reminded me that she babysits.  I told her that I could scrounge up some money for her to which she replied, “Or you could just bring me a sandwich.”  I went inside to find my husband laying on the floor watching TV, feet propped up on an ottoman and his head resting on our baby like a pillow, when he was supposed to be heading to work, mind you. And then I woke up.  Wonder what that meant…?

Belly Button in or out? Still definitely in.

What I miss: Still missing the non-vomitty feeling.

What I am looking forward to: My baby bump.

Weekly Wisdom:  Um…I don’t think I have any this week.

Milestones:  Huh.  I think maybe a little to early to have it be anything other than my first ultrasound.

I am enclosing a picture of my 8 week belly (I’m going to go with the doctor that gave me the ultrasound and based my due date on that).

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