How far can I take this craving thing??

I was at work today just listening to the music and trying to get things done before close when I had a sudden craving to…….Watch Clambake.  My first thought was, “Well, I’m craving because I’m pregnant.”  But, does that really count with Elvis movies? It does have the word clam in it….And my hormones appreciate the young Elvis….Does this count??

Baby here, Baby there…

I know it’s just because I am pregnant, but babies are everywhere!!  Well, if any of you have been to the Water’s Edge church in Marquette in the last year, you would see that it’s not just because I am pregnant – the babies there are everywhere!  But, every channel on TV has a baby on it.  There’s a show (called Kendra) where she is giving birth, another E show one of the Kardashian sisters just had a baby and another is pregnant.  There’s a lot of movies on TV that are about babies, a lot of the shows people are pregnant and having babies and the advertisements are numerous for baby things!  It’s so wonderful!! I can’t wait to be at that point! 🙂