It’s official…

So this one is going to be short.  After all, it is Christmas Eve!  We had our first ultrasound today…At 8:40 AM.  We got up at 6 to leave at 6:30 to drive the 2 hours to my temporary doctor.  Good but sort of sad news.  The baby had a strong heartbeat, we could see it but not hear it (too tiny still).  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever since THUS FAR.  It was like a blinking flicker of light…It was tiny so that means that I am 6 weeks, 0 days plus or minus 4 days.  The sort of sad news was that I am only 6 weeks and not 10.  I was so looking forward to being farther along so that we could at least know the sex of our beautiful bundle of joy a lot sooner than now.  I am due on August 19, 2010.  That is just one day after our three-year anniversary – what a gift!!  Here’s the very first picture of our baby ever!  🙂

Okay, we are leaving to go to my in-law’s house (two-hour drive) for the night and Christmas morning, and then we are going to my family’s house in Escanaba for the rest of the day.  We work for the rest of the weekend, so this will be it for a while….

Merry Christmas all!  Today, on the anniversary of the Savior’s birth, remember why we celebrate this day.  Remember the man who died for you, for us willingly.  The man who continues to give all that He has just for us…What a GREAT God we serve!!

3 thoughts on “It’s official…

  1. I know…I just have to keep telling myself that! I was just convincing myself that I only had 10 weeks before I knew the sex instead of 14…Really, I want to start shopping and getting everything ready…Haha…


  2. I’ll tell you what… time flies by! It may seem like forever, but in what seems like a moment, you’ve got a baby in your arms and you’re looking back on a blog you wrote when you were six weeks pregnant. It’s such a blast, girl.


  3. See that? some people say ‘its a blob of tissue’ but you know what it is. it’s a mighty miracle that God does when he makes a baby happen between two people. Just that we have the technology to SEE that little thing is amazing!
    Don’t worry. In time you will be 10 weeks and be able to see the sex of the baby. In the meantime – enjoy!


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