Well, this is a good time…

So today (well, yesterday now, seeing as I started to write this yesterday and couldn’t finish; sign of things to come?) I had my first bout with what I think was morning sickness.  I felt kind of sick when I woke up this morning before work.  It didn’t help that I thought I had to be to work at 7:30 AM.  It wasn’t until I got to work that I found out I had to be there at 9, not 7:30.  SO, I went home and slept, went back to work and felt a little worse.  I was there about 2 hours when I suddenly felt the urge to RUN to the bathroom.  Luckily someone was close by that could cover me.  I was in the bathroom for  maybe 5 minutes feeling seriously like I would throw up at any second, but nothing happened.  I went on a break after that and laid my head down on the table in the break room and again felt like I had to RUN to the bathroom…But again, nothing happened!  It was so frustrating….For the first time since I was maybe 12, I contemplated making myself do it…..Let me just say, so wrong….But, not only can I not throw up when people are in the bathroom with me, but I certainly wasn’t going to make myself do it while someone was in there…And, there was someone in there that would not leave…I gave up and got out of the stall and who was in the bathroom?  My boss was fixing all the soaps and air things.  Embarrassing.  Whatever.  So I got off my break and dove into work; good thing we were busy.  I took my half hour break an hour and 5 minutes before the end of my shift, but at the end of it, I just couldn’t go back to work so I went into talk to my boss and I was so sad that I had to tell her I was pregnant and was having morning sickness.  I was sad because Dave and I were set on not telling anyone, but I didn’t want her to think that I was being a wimp or lazy, so I felt like I had to tell her.  I did tell her that Dave and I have decided not to tell anyone until after Christmas, and although she was excited for me, she said she completely understood about not telling anyone and she understood all about morning sickness.  She even laughed when I told her that I couldn’t fix my problem because she was in the bathroom.  It does feel nice, though, having my boss know that I am pregnant.

It just seems easier in case anything happens and I have to leave or step away.  Especially when I have to rearrange my schedule for ultrasounds and doctor appointments.  But still, I think this whole morning sickness thing would be better if there was some sort of release for it instead of having it stay with my all day and having it just sit in my stomach.  Yuck…At least it won’t be like this forever.  So excited for our ultrasound on Wednesday!  I can’t stop thinking about it – the days certainly do not seem short enough…..K….Since I’m told that I need to sleep when I’m tired, I am going to go lay down….Sleep come swiftly!    Enclosed is a picture of my belly at whatever week I’m at right now…Whether it’s just my fat or if it’s the start of a bump, I have no idea, but there it most definitely is! 🙂

P.S.  God is so amazing to have given me this opportunity!  I am literally so excited to be pregnant that I start to tear up whenever I think about it.  Some sick part of me even wants to experience real, throwing up morning sickness.  It’s like a right of passage, and I just want to experience everything that God has…I know that He doesn’t give us morning sickness, but He gave me this beautiful, exciting, life-altering, sweet blessing of a baby, and I want to experience it all……

Okay, really going to sleep now…Goodnight blog-o-sphere! 🙂

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