Hello world!

Okay, so this is my first blog.  Ever.  I am stealing this idea from my fabulous cousin, Erin, and I am intending to write throughout my pregnancy.  Today marks one week since I have found out that I’m pregnant, and I can’t even tell anyone about this until Christmas, so….Surprise!  I thought that I might have been pregnant because 1. I was late 2. I was having pregnancy symptoms and 3. it was just a feeling.  But, well, let me start from the beginning.

Last January I started to get sick – we didn’t know what it was and I kept attributing it to some other things that I had going on.  In May I finally decided to go to the doctor.  I was misdiagnosed 5 times and I had exploratory surgery to check for endometriosis (it seemed pretty likely that I had it) which turned out negative.  My gynecologist prescribed me Seasonique (birth control) to help with my menstrual pain.  I was on that for two months and had a month-long period (NO exaggeration), and decided that that was neither a pleasant thing nor a healthy thing. In September I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease (severe allergy to ALL things gluten and it’s sub-components). Around this time, my husband and I began to talk about the options of me getting off birth control or going on a different one.

We decided in October that I would go off of birth control and we would start trying to get pregnant.  In his mind, of course we were not actively trying, but I was counting my days of ovulation and planning ahead.  Of course it would be different!  Once I got off of Seasonique, I had a normal period (October 5 was the first day) and October 17th was our first attempt.  I was so excited to be making this decision that I decided on November 6th I was taking a pregnancy test if  I didn’t start (I am extremely regular).  But…I started November 5th.  I was sad, but at least it was a really short one and it wasn’t that heavy at all.  I was supposed to start again on December 5th.  When I didn’t, and didn’t, and didn’t, I told myself I would wait until December 12 (because that would be one week late) because I didn’t want to get too excited – I was trying to convince myself that I was not pregnant.  My two friends had come over on December 11th and I couldn’t hold it in – I had to tell them my plan (I hadn’t even told Dave that I thought I might be), but they convinced me to take it a day early, so the three of us went grocery shopping and picked up a pregnancy test.

The instant that I took the test it came out positive – the second.  I couldn’t breath for a minute.  I still was trying to knock down my hopes and convince myself that I wasn’t pregnant. I still had two more tests to take, and they could be negative – maybe I screwed the test up, you know?  As much as I was trying to tell myself I wasn’t pregnant, I ran out and told the girls – I was excited, I couldn’t help it!  You try not being excited…They were so excited for me and so ensued the squealing and dancing around, haha.  The girls were making sugar cookies while I tried to drink enough liquid to be able to take another test.  Isn’t that how it always goes; you can’t pee when you want to?  That took forever, so while we waited, we came up with a plan to tell my husband.  We decided to make him a cookie in the shape of a fetus and put it on his desk for when he got off of work.  As you might have guessed, the other two tests did turn out positive, so we had three tests to set up for him.  When he got home, we told him that we made him a present, and while he checked it out, I set the tests around the bathroom sink; he didn’t really notice what the cookie was.  He then got on his nightly phone call with one of his best friends, Bill, and went into the bathroom.

“Honey, why are there three pregnancy tests in the bathroom?”  “I don’t know, what do they say?”  “Um…Pregnant, two lines – oh, pregnant, pregnant…..Whose are these?”  He crept out of the bathroom because I was not responding.  I couldn’t….Even when he came out of the bathroom and looked at me, I just smiled.  And so started our journey.  I called my doctor Monday morning, got blood tested the hour after I called my doctor and at 5 they called me back saying that my levels of the pregnancy hormone was at 500 so I wouldn’t have to go get another blood test in two days because it was obvious that not only was I pregnant, but the levels were growing at a very normal rate.  On Tuesday, they called to set up an ultrasound and the earliest I could get there is Christmas Eve at 8:40 AM.  I can not wait!  But, my doctor doesn’t do ultrasounds unless you are at least 6 weeks.  Of course we won’t know how far along I am until the ultrasound, but I checked my dates, and if I am right I am 9 weeks along.  I didn’t actually have a cycle on November 5th – it was implantation.

So, needless to say, I have a lot of research to do and a lot of planning.  We are looking at names, baby furniture, I bought a week by week pregnancy test, I called my mom….It’s all very exciting.  Our method for telling people is a little to difficult, according to my husband.  We told Kara and Becky because they were here the night that I took the test, and Dave told some people that he works with because he was too excited to hold it in.  I sent my mom a picture of our three pregnancy tests and a picture of us holding them in a birthday card.  She told my two brothers, but that is it.  No one else is being told until our family knows.  Dave’s family is going to be told on Christmas morning because we will be there with them and my dad and that family will be told Christmas afternoon because we will be with them then.  THEN everyone else can know.  And I do mean everyone – I intend to tell the entire world!

Okay, I think I am going to head off for now and try to figure out how to set the stupid time on this thing! 🙂  I promise, my blogs will not be this boring next time…I will have more things to report!  Until next time, world……..