A little sarcastic, a little funny, a lot of coffee.

Ask me anything and I will answer.  Unless, of course, it’s something I don’t want to answer.

This blog is about life.  It’s about mistakes and triumphs, tears and laughter.  It’s about grace and redemption.  It’s about seeing past the mistakes (and there are many) to the lesson.

All seen through the filter of a mother and wife.  An exhausted mother and wife.  A sarcastic mother and wife.  A mother and wife that is hooked and dependent on boat loads of coffee.

If I could describe it in only a few words, I would say, coffee, chocolate, chaos, motherhood trials, marriage epiphanies, revelations and self-deprecation.  Also, it’s hilarious, so there’s that.

Fumble along with me, or be perfect if you want me to despise you.  Let’s do this together.


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